Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Farming While Doing Kalu'ak Dailies

For a while now I've been doing the 3 Kalu'ak dailies faithfully with my hunter main, so I can get the fishing rod and the penguin pet. While doing these dailies I am also herbing and mining (as always).

Tonight I decided to time such a run and see roughly how much stuff I can gather and how quickly I can do all 3 dailies at the same time.

My run lasted exactly 32 minutes, including turn-ins for all 3 dailies. I also stopped for every single herb or ore node that I encountered.

First, here's the bounty:

- 23 Saronite Ore
- 12 Crystallized Earth
- 24 Goldclover
- 8 Titanium Ore
- 1 Sun Crystal
- 9 Crystallized Water
- 8 Crystallized Life
- 8 Tiger Lily
- 5 Crystallized Air
- 1 Scarlet Ruby
- 6 Adder's Tongue
- 14 Cobalt Ore
- 1 Talandra's Rose
- 6 Crystallized Shadow
- 1 Frost Lotus
- 4 Deadnettle

Now, I was luckier than usual because I hit 2 Titanium Nodes from which I got those 8 Titanium Ore and also the Scarlet Ruby. I'm too lazy to calculate how much these would fetch on the auction house but I would estimate roughly 80-100 gold. And that's in addition to the 29 gold I made from the dailiy quests.

Here's how my route looks like. Bear in mind that I use an epic flying mount.

1. I start off from Dalaran and take the plane to Icecrown.
2. I fly across to Sholazar Basin. I enter it by the Avalanche.
3. I then fly along the rim of Sholazar to the North, then back South keeping to the Western edge. A lot of Saronite nodes on that side.
4. I then pass into the Borean Tundra and fly straight South until I hit Kaskala.
5. In Kaskala I do Preparing for the Worst.
6. I then fly due East through Borean Tundra, and then Dragonblight where I turn a bit South to hit Moa'ki Harbor where I do Planning for the Future.
7. Next I fly due East again towards Grizzly Hills and through this zone on to Howling Fjord.
8. In Howling Fjord I turn South to Kamagua and do the last quest which is The Way to His Heart...

I can't say I love doing these dailies. On the other hand it's easy to combine them with a little bit of farming on the side. Luckily it will only take me 5 more days to become Exalted with them and then it's bye-bye to the Kalu'ak for good!


Michele said...

I took the boats between quests and fished while waiting. Not as lucrative as gathering, but it was certainly relaxing. I kind of miss gathering up those little wolvar guys, but now that I have my fishing pole and Pengu, I'm done.

Darth Solo said...

Oh boy am I done with the Kalu'Ak! The thing that bugged me was the huge distances between the quest hubs but combining that with a bit of farming made it a lot more tolerable.

I tried taking the boat once but I waited for ages and it didn't show up. When I decided to leave, that's when it decided to arrive, of course :)

Anonymous said...

At level 75, and with my hearthstone set to Dalaran, I'm shuttling back and forth doing dailies in Shattrath and with the Kalu'Ak. Taking a horde blimp from Undercity to Vengeance Landing, and the flying over to island hasn't been too troublesome. Though, I'm not gathering, either. I do like the idea of fishing on the boats, but it seems a waste of time, when I can use my hearthstone and get to my next port of call, quickly.