Friday, February 20, 2009

Starting a New Character

As a solitary player of World of Warcraft, I have developed a checklist when starting a new character on a new realm.

1. As soon as I find the appropriate trainers, I learn 2 gathering skills such as (from most profitable to least): mining/herbalism, skinning/mining, skinning/herbalism.

2. I learn First Aid as soon as I can, making sure to level it whenever I have enough cloth. First Aid is good to have even as a healer.

3. As soon as I get out of the starting area and reach the first inn (meaning I am close to a mailbox), I will create a bank alt and move it to the city with the most efficient layout.

4. Try to get into a guild. Though it may seem this step goes contrary to the whole philosophy of this blog, my reasoning is simple: as a solo player I find it important to belong to a guild only so that I stop getting unsolicited guild invites.

5. Get the biggest bags I can afford. If I already have a main or a higher level character, this is the first thing I do. In a future post I will expand on the bag issue, although most players already know why big bags are important.

Some of you will probably wonder why I am rehashing something that every WoW player knows. Well, not everybody knows these things, especially if they are new players. Even players who are aware of them will sometimes dismiss them as useless things.

Well, one of my mantras is "minimum effort, maximum efficiency" and this is what I am trying to accomplish here.

I will discuss in greater detail about each of these points. Stay tuned!


Nic said...

It pays to know what lowbie items sell well in the AH. Small Eggs were the fast track to big bags when I rolled my current main just before Christmas.

Darth Solo said...

Children's Week is coming. Save up on your Small Eggs ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you get this message. I wanted to post it in an appropriate place but I'm afraid I'll be buried in an old thread. Hopefully, it'll generate an e-mail or something like how YouTube does even with older movies.

Let me preface my question with this: I HATE DYING!

I was hoping you could give some advice on leveling a new character on a new server in regards to survivability. I'm trying to level a dwarf warrior but some of the quests are insufferably difficult when all you have on is a T-shirt & an old axe you found in the snow!

In particular, two quests that are difficult are the Wendigo quest (they like to gang up on you & issue out a beat down) & the Shimmerweed quest (all of the trolls are in camps & are really difficult to take down).

The situation is simple. I have no money, it's too early to generate gold from farming. The quests are painfully difficult in the early levels.

What advice would you give on getting from, say, 1-20?

I've tried questing & grinding. So far, grinding seems the easiest in the early levels.

Darth Solo said...

@King I hear you man. I hate dying too! In fact you just gave me an idea for an article. I'm gonna try to address your dying problem. I hate dying for slightly different reasons but stay tuned for more details!

superdeluxe said...

On a note about your professions, but would Mining/Herb really be efficent? Since you can only track one at a time..?

Darth Solo said...

I explained in this post... I manage those 2 professions. It's all with the aid of the macro which I listed. It is a bit inconvenient but I've been using that macro for such a long time that it's now second nature to hit it. Also, I use Gatherer and I know in advance that a node might be approaching, so I can switch to the appropriate tracking.