Sunday, February 22, 2009

Patch 3.08 and Death Knights

One of the major things that patch 3.08 brought for players is the ability to create a Death Knight on any realm if you have a lv.55 or higher character.

While this is something that players were expecting when Wrath of the Lich King came out, it's just now that Blizzard got past the technical difficulties of actually implementing it.

So what does this means for players, especially for those who like playing World of Warcraft alone? Once more, this is very helpful if you start playing on a brand new server and you have met the conditions for starting a Death Knight. This is every useful even if you hate Death Knights. You can simply grab your high level DK, grind some mobs in, say, Eastern Plaguelands or perhaps even better, Hellfire Peninsula and in no time you should have a few hundred gold that you can use to outfit your brand new lv.1 mage, paladin, rogue or whatever.

You can, for example fit them with 16-slot bags or, when they grow "older" get them some "twink items". Not to mention that at level 30 your character can jump right away on a mount without agonizing over gold. Death Knight grinding becomes even more useful if you hate making money by gathering or don't have time to bother with that and just want to level as fast as possible.

The possibilities are many when you have a higher level "sugar daddy".

It looks like the more WoW is evolving, the easier life becomes for everyone including casuals. Though some hardcore players may deplore this turn of events, I would advise them not to despair because there's room enough for all types of play styles.

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