Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DC Universe Online is now free-to-play

Just a heads-up for those interested. Starting on November 1st 2011, which was yesterday, DC Universe Online went free-to-play. I'm not that much into superheroes but I'll give it a whirl.

At this point I have very little knowledge about this game but I'll try to learn it as I go along. If I can get past the first couple of hours without getting bored, then I'll probably keep playing.

The free version of the game does seem a little restricted compared to, say, World of Tanks, but let us not forget that DC Universe Online started out with a subscription-based model. You can still subscribe, fear not, but now there's the option to try-before-you buy.

I've currently downloaded about 10GB of the 14GB game client. Yikes! I'll probably fire up the game over the next couple of days.


Gyldenfeax said...

I tried getting into City of Heroes and it was fun for a while but pve got stale pretty quickly and I don't think pvp existed much at all. And I would read chat and have no idea what people were talking about. It made me appreciate how daunting WoW could be to new players. DC Universe Online looks interesting, but a 10gb download just for a look for me is out of the question. Also a pity Captain America and Thor are both Marvel heroes.

Lugnut Daffodil said...

I played that game right when it came out, then haven't again for several months. I've been wanting to give it a whirl again lately tho because I thought the game was awesome!

My favorite things were (1) the different outfit styles you can customize as you go, which would be absolutely essentially in a superhero game, and (2) an mmo with no auto attack and actual combo moves you have to enter made combat muuuch better than WoW. I never ever ever got bored of combat.

Oh and in my opinion, acrobatics was the best travel superpower, especially once you got acrobatic's flying ability. Running fast and the standard flying just got way too annoying to control over the course of leveling up. That's just me though.

Joe Beck said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was kind of interested when it was released but not enought to pay the monthly fee.

Darth Solo said...

Damn comment system... sorry about not replying earlier guys.

I tried to play it but quickly uninstalled it. I'm not even sure I'm going to write a short review of it.

I found the game to be terrible but maybe that's just me.

The character customization was pretty neat though.