Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clarification about World of Tanks

There are two things that I forgot to mention about World of Tanks. These are only for the benefit of those who haven't tried the game yet and are tempted.

First, just to make it clear, each player controls one tank. This is not an RTS so you're not in command of a tank squadron. Your "avatar" is your tank but you can own several tanks in your garage. You can only take one tank out at any one time.

Second, I like the way they implemented dying. After your tank is destroyed, you are out of the game. Here, you have two options. You can either stay in battle until the end and switch your view between the remaining allied tanks by clicking the mouse buttons. Or, you can choose to leave the battle. Leaving the battle is cool when you're not playing with friends because you don't have to waste time until the end. Don't worry though, you won't lose any experience or credits by doing so! The awesome thing is that you can go to your garage, pick another tank and join a new battle while the previous one is still in progress. When each battle is over you will get a summary of the outcome, plus your credit and XP earnings and any metals that you might have earned.

That's all I wanted to say.


Echo said...

Got some spare time to download it... so I'm just starting the install process. I've also started the download of Dungeon Siege III demo (Steam), let's see.

Darth Solo said...

Gee, didn't know there was a demo out for DS3.

Echo said...

Oh well... it did not work as intended... I really did not like WoT at all. I guess It's not my genere :)

Darth Solo said...

@Echo awwwww :( this makes me sad.
I really like the game, although some tanks frustrate me but oh well, can't argue with personal taste.

How far did you get? Did you at least earn a tier 2 tank? Tier 1 is very non-interesting but things really start to pick up at tier 2. I'm running a fully upgraded tier 2 German tank and it's more fun (and I get way more kills) than the fully upgraded tier 3 German tank that I also have.

BTW, the company who made WoT are also working on a game called World of Planes which is about WWII planes. That one should prove interesting.

Echo said...

I played 4 hours messing around. Fact is... the game did not catch my attention at all, it happens.

I'm too old I guess. I must feel the love as soon as I start a new game... else I wont keep trying :)


I tried DS3. It seems interesting but the camera system is just horrible (thanks to consoles, again) and very irritating. You move the visual with A and D and the auto-camera is a shi*t.

Darth Solo said...

I have an aversion for PC games which have console counterparts. That's because I have an aversion for consoles in general. I'm a 100% PC gamer and likely to die that way, unless PC gaming becomes entirely obsolete.

About WoT, I'm not going to push you but I'm just curious what were the things which annoyed you the most. For me it is still fun but there's no denying that it's a grindy game, especially if you're not on a premium account or you don't buy gold.

What annoys me the most is that at certain tiers and with certain classes of vehicles it's hard to do anything before being blasted to pieces by more powerful vehicles. I'm having this problem with a tier 3 light tank which has paper thin armor but pretty soon I can move on to a tier 4 medium tank and hopefully my survival rate will improve. The funny thing is that I'm having loads more fun with a tier 2 light tank than with the tier 3 light tank.

Echo said...

You know what, Darth? I guess I still need swords and maces to have fun :) That's all.

Let me push you one again towards Age of Empires Online. Today is the last day to get your free beta copy (the game will officially launch on 16th of August).

I think you should try it because it's not the typical RTS. Fotget about Starcraft ot complicated stuff and think about a mixture of RTS and RPG with good cartoonesque graphics, items, experience, stuff.

If you got some spare time, test it. You wont be disappointed, really. I already see a Darth post telling people how fun is the game ;)

Darth Solo said...

Haha I guess you can tie a mace to your turret and swing it around :)

Are you saying that you wouldn't like a SF game? You know, lasers and spaceships? I like both genres but I have to admit, I'm surprised I liked WoT so much, it definitely blindsided me.

I'll give AoEO a try today, although I'm busy with a lot of other stuff but if the free beta expires, I might as well do it now.

Thing is, I'm having too much fun with WoT, so much so that I'm even working on a tank comparison tool over on So, yeah, lol.

Echo said...

> you wouldn't like a SF game?

Well, so far EvE Online is the "top of the top" in that sense. And with Encarna incoming in 2 days it will be a blast. So if I ever decide to switch to SF theme, I'll go for the best (EvE) ;)

Echo said...


WoW patch 4.2 is tempting me a little (in a scale from 1 to 10 I'd say 4). New stuff, new areas to explore and hunters got some major changes too.

We'll see, summer is approaching and I'll have some spare time anyway.

Or not?

Or yes?

I hate Blizzard.

Darth Solo said...

Not me. I'm at a point where I literally get nauseous when I imagine going back to WoW. Same ol', same ol'.

Echo said...

Yeah, I feel the pain. After watching two or three "new" screenshots and items I just puked on th keyboard. I can't believe they're offering the same stuff under a different skin yet-again.


Darth Solo said...

I'm really wondering if I will ever go back to WoW? What will it take to bring me back? Hard to say. Maybe if they added some tank (panzer) combat haha.

Echo said...

A modern-revamped 3D engine would bring me back with a fresh toon, I am sure of this.

Darth Solo said...

How about a completely revamped WoW with a new engine, all-new classes, completely reworked talent trees and skills, a game which doesn't change mechanics every couple of major patches? Perhaps ditch some of the cartoony look (though I like it), to cater to a maturing WoW audience.

Echo said...

I'm currently hooked with this one, spotted on Steam:

"Spiral Knights".

+ free to play
+ fun and collaborative (no griefers and stuff)
+ new rpg/actiomn mechanics
+ original world... yes, it's still possible!
+ good cartoonesque/FF-like graphics
+ no char leveling, you level... your gear.
+ addictive but you wont play hours due to mechanics
+ AH, mailbox, trading, etc..

Free on Steam. Ofc you can drop some cash and get stuff faster, as usual.

Echo said...

By "you wont play hours due to mechanics" I mean you cann0t play like 5 hours in a row because the game mechanics require you to spend energy to do things. If you do too much you get starved and need to regen (couple of hours).

Endless farming? No thanks.

Darth Solo said...

I'll check it out but for now I'm hooked on WoT and not likely to get bored soon.