Thursday, June 2, 2011 adds Cooking and vendor prices

I have just updated my WoW project,, with two new features.

First, I've added Cooking, which was the only major crafting profession that was missing. Several people have requested it and I agreed that it needed to be included. The reason it wasn't there from the beginning is that my original idea for BankAlt was in a different direction which didn't make use of Cooking at all.

Secondly, others have suggested that I should fill in prices for components which can be bought from vendor NPCs. I have added this feature in the form of a link named "vendor" which appears next to items which vendors sell. Clicking that link will fill in the vendor price for that component and re-calculate the recipe total automatically.

These vendor prices are the full, non-discounted price since I obviously can't account for everyone's reputation and so on. Also, I'm not populating the fields by default when the page loads for two main reasons: it would mess up the calculations whenever there are child and parent vendor components and certain mats are sold by vendors in very limited supply, such that it would make more sense for the user to input his/her own cost instead.

A final minor feature is a "clear all costs" link which zeros everything out.

There are still some minor odds and ends that I need to tie up regarding saving/restoring costs and retrieving vendor prices but all the major functionality is there.

Enjoy and drop me a line if you have any comments!


sklyanka said...

Great! Thank you for new features.

Darth Solo said...

No problem! Any suggestion that is reasonable and feasible, I will implement.