Saturday, February 12, 2011 adds search functionality

Hey all, it's been a while since I posted and the reasons are twofold. First, I'm going through a phase where I'm bored with WoW. Second, I've been engaging in other pleasant activities and one of them has been to add some improvements to

(For those who don't know what BankAlt is, it's a World of Warcraft database for professions and recipes which helps you determine the materials needed to craft a certain recipe. However, it can drill deep into all the sub-mats and sub-sub-mats and... you get the idea. As a result, it calculates the total number of base components - or raw materials - that you will need in order to craft your recipe.)

Now, I have added a general Search function to the site. Many users have requested this function and I admit that I should have probably included it from the beginning. However, I still consider the site to be in beta and I wanted to launch it with basic functionality rather than dragging the launch for months on end until everything was perfect.

The search functionality helps you bypass the profession pages so it makes it quicker to find a recipe if you know a few letters contained in its name.

Search results can belong to more than one profession so they are organized into tabs pertaining to each profession. You can filter the results further under each tab by typing in the filter box and you can also sort by skill and recipe name.

The full mats tree can be accessed as before by clicking the "Expand" button. I am aware that "Expand" is not a very intuitive term for what this feature does but I have yet to come up with something better.

So if you feel that you can use's features, give it a try. Suggestions, comments and bug reports are welcome and appreciated.

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Elkagorasa said...

Hey Darth, posted a post about on my warlock's blog today. Hope it generates more beta testers for you..