Friday, December 10, 2010

Bear tanking FTW

If there's been a lack of posting in the last week, that's because of Cataclysm. I hope you'll forgive me :)

I've been busy these past few days. First of all, I've been selling Cata mats like crazy, but that's another story. I've also been leveling a couple of my characters but not very seriously. Third, I've started a new worgen druid and he's only 17 but I enjoy playing him.

As soon as I hit 15 I queued up as a tank and tanked my first instance which was Deadmines. At this level there aren't many skills in a character's repertoire so tanking is fairly straightforward. The only thing lacking is some sort of AoE threat generation but that will come later.

What's funny is that my first group was composed entirely of worgen. There's a veritable worgen invasion going on! More depressing is that there are already plenty of level 85 worgen running around. Humph!

I've yet to hit level 20 but I don't think I like the worgen racial running ability. The way they look when crouched on all fours is ridiculous.

My druid looks pretty cool right now and tanking isn't too hard (doh!) but we'll see later. Hopefully I won't abandon tanking on this druid like I abandoned it on my paladin.


Anonymous said...

Expect your second AoE threat at lvl 81. Have fun

Darth Solo said...

Well there's Swipe at 36 right?

phill said...

I have not tanked as a druid yet. But most of my toons are tanks, always went healing with my druids. Yet the tank druids at higher levels that I have watched were good at it, especially if they made it to 80 in the old world. good luck on meat shielding.

Darth Solo said...

Whenever I had a druid tank in any group I felt safe, for some reason. I don't think I've seen an incompetent bear tank ever.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad about the lvl 85 Worgens - they are more than likely night elf druids that were already 80 and used the race change to go to Worgen on day one...

Darth Solo said...

Oh doh! Now that you mention it, that's indeed the case.

Dammit how can I be so shortsighted??

The funny thing is that I was inspecting some level 80+ worgens and I was amazed to see that they were wearing heroic raid gear.

Well, that explains it.

Pouncealot said...

Yep a lot of the Worgens are definitely race taking advantage of the race change. I saw Goblins the day Cata was released in the dungeons I was running on my Mage. They were doing the same thing I was avoiding the madness of the 80 areas and running the LFD on their lowbie toons. My mage was in her 60's at that time.

Bear tanks are a lot of fun, I've taken a brief break from healing (after my 5th healer) I felt I needed to do that, and have swapped to feral for my Drid, so much fun. I've always enjoyed healing them. I've pugged a lot, even before the LFD so I have met a few incompetent bear tanks. Thankfully, they are in the minority.

Always fun soloing instances as bear too, I did that in WOTLK, feral has always been my secondary spec and I most likely will do the same in Cata.

Darth Solo said...

You know, I have a feeling that if I spec for bear tanking I can use the same spec for cat dps-ing or questing in cat form, without losing a lot of dps.

Looking at the dps meters while tanking with the bear, I'm still top dps.

Pouncealot said...

Bear tanks are still doing great DPS at higher levels too. I haven't been in any of the 80+ dungeons so not sure how things are at that level.

You'll do fine with the bear tank spec, not as fast as kitty spec but you'll be ok. People told me not to spec that for questing because it was slower, but I'm still having fun. Besides, the survavability is amazing. I'm leveling in the 80+ areas as a feral tank. Things still die, and I can kill a whole lot more too. I do need to read up on bear tanking again and kitty DPS again, so much has changed since I've really played with those specs. :)

I have a little Druid (she's 22). I'm thinking of leveling her as a tank or deleting her and making a Troll Druid. The great thing about leveling as a feral tank when things get dicey I just swap to bear and just blow through things. :) Thus far, she hasn't died yet in the new 80's content. If I get additional mobs, I just swap to bear and blow things down. I had an Ally player train mobs on me this past weekend. I made sure I wasn't near his area when I started questing, so no sure why he did that. Anyway, I swapped to bear and just killed the additional mobs.

Hyjal gives some good bear tanking pieces as rewards for quests.

Darth Solo said...

Hey my young druid is 22 also, as of this moment. I want to level him some more today though.