Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holy crap 1000DPS at level 60!

Truly I say to you that a character is capable of 1000 DPS at level 60! Yes, my fire-specced mage has just hit 60 and is doing 1000 DPS in Hellfire Ramparts and Blood Furnace and he's mostly decked in old-world equipment, but of course with a full set of heirlooms.

Why I find this amazing is because I've seen dps classes in level 80 heroics who are barely pushing 1000 DPS.

This, of course, is all thanks to the fire spec. I find that it does tremendous DPS and most often I'm at the very top of the damage meters.

Here's my spec at level 60, along with glyphs: 0/26/0.

Edit: By the time I finished writing this short post my mage had hit 62.


Shannara said...

Heck yeah, hunters and warriors hit that at lv60 too :) well before this patch

Echo said...

This is why Blizz impmlemented a HUGE nerf for every class (some more, some less) while leveling 1->80. It will come in the next patch, to balance the leveling experience.

Liam said...

enjoy it while you can, but still impressive.

Darth Solo said...

@Shannara apparently I'm so leet that not many can match me at my level :) But seriously, I guess some people are still in the learning phase or maybe they don't try enough. There shouldn't be any reason why other classes shouldn't match mages.

@Echo well gee thanks for spoiling it for me :) If anyone needs to have their damage nerfed, it's tanks. I find it extremely weird that as pure DPS I have to compete not with other DPS, but with the tank. Even as an awesome fire mage I am struggling to stay ahead of the tank in terms of damage.

Echo said...

Blizzard realized that (so far) leveling 1->80 is way too easy, in terms of damage output. Some classes play in god-mode both in PvE and PvP environments. 1000 dps at this level is clearly not intended, but still... a lot of fun :)

Lugnut Daffodil said...

Awesome! I started a mage a bit ago, up to level 46 now except I've been frost. Sooo I have questions!

1. As fire, how has survivability and mana efficiency been while leveling? I also have the full set of heirlooms and a good rotation of blues from dungeon finder rewards.

2. When did you stop using pyroblast as an opener and only use it during hot streaks procs? Or not? Do you still throw out a pyroblast with its cast time here and there?

3. When in a instance, are you AOEing a lot, or for now is it still safer/more efficient to just stay single target killer?

That may be a lot to go through, so you don't really have to answer all that. I'm ultimately going to buy dual spec and try fire on my own anyway, I suppose for now I'm too chicken to leave the safety of frost quite yet.

Darth Solo said...

@Echo, I'm now doing 1200-1300 DPS at level 62-63.

@Lugnut Daffodil hey those are great questions. I'd answer them right now, except that I was planning to do a lengthier post on leveling as a fire mage and I think that would be more helpful for a lot more people. So stay tuned. I've got answers to all your questions. It's actually pretty easy. You know, I've always been scared of playing as a fire mage. But now I've realized it's the most straightforward spec of the three.

Lugnut Daffodil said...

Right on. Can't wait!