Saturday, November 13, 2010

310 flight for all

Fresh on the heels of my wasting time post, I've decided to get 310 flight for all my level 80s. That's 5 characters (hunter, paladin, warlock, priest, death knight) at 5000 gold each = 25,000 gold. It might seem a lot but I had over 300K gold anyway and it was just gathering dust.

310 speed vs 280 doesn't seem like such a big deal but I can actually feel the difference when flying. Was the 5000 worth it? Yes. When you only have 10K gold, 5000 is obviously a huge amount and it seems like a very bad deal but 325K is almost the same as 300K so I hardly feel the dent in my finances.

On the other hand this increased speed will come in handy in Cataclysm when I will be questing at top speed. When you combine 310 flight speed with things such as the paladin's Crusader Aura, it becomes uber-potent.

The biggest d'oh moment, though, was that I had no idea that 310 speed had been enabled in the last patch. I had the feeling all along that it would be unlocked in Cataclysm. I noticed the trainer had it when I bought 280 flight for my warlock. The moral: keep your eyes open kids and read the patch notes carefully!


Anonymous said...

You get a faction discount buying the training at your faction flight trainer in borean tundra. At exalted it would've saved you 1k gold per 80.


Darth Solo said...

Whaaat? Crap.

Echo said...

"The moral: keep your eyes open kids and read the patch notes carefully!"


"Whaaat? Crap."



Darth Solo said...

Damn right. Hey I didn't say I was perfect :)
I just checked and he's right. Faction discount applies. I bought epic flight for my 70 mage today for 4750.