Sunday, October 3, 2010

A fire mage it is!

That's it boys and girls, I've made my decision as to what spec my future mage will be. You've guessed it: fire!

Whenever I thought of playing a mage, fire was the last spec that appealed to me. Not anymore. Playing with the new talent calculators for Cataclysm, here's what I came up with: 5/33/3. I've also picked a bunch of glyphs which look good to me.

Now you tell me if that spec isn't close to being perfect? I can just imagine my mage chucking fireballs of destruction at his enemies.

My only problem is that I will have to wait until Cataclysm is launched even though the new talents will be available with patch 4.01. That's because I really want to play a worgen mage.

Oh, and I'm really excited that Pyroblast will be available from level 10. The only remaining task is to pick an equally awesome name. Suggestions are welcome.


Echo said...

I've ben in the Beta for a month now... and let me say this: there is nothing uglier and more ridiculous than a Worgen in cloth. Really, it's beyond any imagination.

Whenever I see a Worgen in cloth, I see this:

Unknown said...

I'm thinking the same spec, except that I will be ditching the points you put in arcane to pick up the rest of the points in fire. Not as a raid spec obviously, but for leveling, blazing speed, cauterize, and mage ward will be very good stuff.

Darth Solo said...

@Echo I guess all male characters tend to look a bit ridiculous in cloth. I might have to re-think my choice of worgen for my mage. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of choices. I hate gnomes. I don't really like draenei. That leaves plain old humans. And most of my characters are humans. Oh and dwarves will also be mages in Cataclysm. But a dwarf in a dress isn't the most appealing sight either.

@Chad I dunno man but the points in arcane look rock solid to me. There's 3% extra haste from Netherwind Presence which translates into higher dps and also Clearcasting which should relieve some of the mana issues. Although just 1 point in Clearcasting might do the trick.

Echo said...


From a pure "visual" point of view I think that Humans and Deaenei look fine, if you choose a female model. Of course *any* male model will look ridiculous in Cloth (at least until you get high-end gear that looks less clothy).

The problem of Worgns is that both male and female are very "beasty". So it's like putting a dress on a hairy dog, the feeling is the same.

I tried a warrior and a hunter and I could not enjoy the experience once you get some gear on your toon. It looks silly.

Imho wogens are cool (the coolest among alliance) if you keep them almost naked. Once you start dressing them... oh man.

Darth Solo said...

Oh no no no I'm not playing a female character. I swear I tried but I couldn't play past the first few levels. I'm not much of a role-player but I like to identify with my avatar. That dude on the screen is me! So I'll probably make my mage human. I think you're right about worgen and dresses: they look stupid. On the other hand I think they look ok in leather/mail/plate armor.

Echo said...

@ Darth

Ys, I had the same feeling for some years, then I managed tested a female toon and liked it (Draenei male models are pure crap).

In my opinion Worgen and Tauren look the same way, when using gear. They're beasts with a dress. if you like Tauren you will probably like Worgen too.

Yes, leather, mail and plate look much much better. But still... humanoid models are beter.

Darth Solo said...

Well I guess it's gonna be a human then. In a way that's good because I can start my new mage with patch 4.01. Unfortunately I won't be able to quest in the new world until Cataclysm. So, yeah, I don't know what to do.

Echo said...

> Unfortunately I won't be able to quest
> in the new world until Cataclysm. So,
> yeah, I don't know what to do.

That's wrong my friend: the new (old) world will be available with patch 4.03 (pre-Cata event, world shatering). The patch will be free and will add the new classes/races combos as well as the revamped 1-60 leveling experience in the shattered world.

Cata will then add levels 81->85, 2 new races, new leveling zones, guild perks/experience/etc, new raids, new instances, etc.รน

You will be able to reroll a human hunter (for example) with patch 4.03. And for free. That's amazing, in my opinion.

P.s. if you need them BUY HEIRLOOMS NOW before patch 4.01 hits the servers. Prices will be MUCH higer after 4.01.

Darth Solo said...

I meant that I won't see the new world in patch 4.01 when the talent changes will happen. I'm guessing patch 4.01 will hit next week. We still have a while until 4.03.

At any rate, I've already rolled my human mage and managed to pick a great name for him.

As for heirlooms, I have most of them but perhaps I can buy the equivalent PvE pieces for a couple of PvP pieces that I bought just in case I couldn't make all the emblems for the PvE pieces.