Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blizzcon 2010 meh

Blizzcon's finally here and I have to say I'm not very impressed with it this time around. If anyone was expecting earth-shattering announcements, I'm afraid they are now a bit disappointed. Nonetheless, the sheer geek-ness of the convention is still something that I'd like to experience at some point. Disclaimer: this analysis is done from my armchair.

World of Warcraft

Nothing interesting to see here. Some Cataclysm raids and dungeons. Whoopty doo. We're gonna see them shortly anyway. Move along. Frankly the only cool thing from my perspective is the fact that every dungeon in the game will have maps and boss locations (as well as boss abilities). And some of the really annoying ones will be shortened and simplified. Finally. This is the best piece of news so far but we knew that was coming anyway so it's more of a confirmation than something new. Unfortunately it seems the new dungeon maps won't be in Cataclysm from the beginning but in patch 4.1. Better late than never I guess.

Starcraft 2

This game is totally a non-issue for me. I've stopped caring for the franchise long ago.

Diablo 3

My biggest expectations from Blizzcon were for Diablo 3. Everyone had anticipated they would announce the fifth and final class. So when they announced the demon hunter, I was like yay and meh at the same time. I mean, we all knew that the fifth class would have to be a ranged character (archer or hunter type) so it wasn't such a big surprise. I'm sure this will be the first class I'll play in Diablo 3 but the truth is I've had enough of D3 for a while. They are taking so long to finish this game that I don't want to hear about it until they actually release it. And by the way, if anyone was expecting an announcement for the release date of Diablo 3, they'll have to hold their breath a while longer. My prognosis is sometime in 2012. Definitely not 2011.

Synopsis for Blizzcon 2010: meh.


Shannara said...

Agreed, this is a horrible blizzcon. Not worth the money.

Echo said...

Best thing of Blizzcon is ... I did not spend the money for the virtual ticket. I was VERY interested and very tempted to buy it. I'm glad I did not.

Darth Solo said...

@Echo haha good one. I too had a small temptation of buying the DirecTV ticket but then I thought, what's the point? Anything that goes on at Blizzcon is bound to be shown in detail on the fansites.

Mr. Menagerie said...

Q4 of 2011

That's my prediction :)

The game apparently is close to being released as an in-house/blizz families Alpha. I doubt it'll stay there for a year before the Beta rolls out.

So yea I'm hoping for about this time Oct.-Dec. next year :)

Darth Solo said...

Alas, my friend, it won't come to pass. I'm very skeptical though. I would imagine that SC2 part 2 will be released in Q4 2011, while D3 might be released between Q2-Q3 2012. Of course, I would like to have it sooner but I would much rather have it close to perfect and late, than early and riddled with bugs.