Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I hate reputation

So here's my paladin, after running dozens of Argent Tournament dailies, with a shitload of Champion's Seals. The only problem? I'm not yet exalted with Ironforge, damn Gnomeregan, Darnassus and Exodar. This means I can't use those seals to buy myself some nice heirlooms. *groan*

Unfortunately I didn't pick the rewards that give you reputation scrolls so now I'm stuck about halfway to exalted for the factions I listed. At least I'm lucky to be revered.

Since doing the Tournament dailies only gives a limited amount of reputation via the reward scrolls, I started thinking how the hell I could get more reputation with these factions. One method, of course, is to turn in runecloth but the amounts needed to get to exalted are crazy and/or very expensive.

My paladin is a human so I realized that an alternative way is to go to the starting areas for the non-human races and do all the low level quests I can find.

So now I'm kicking it around Kharanos, awing noobs with my magnificent presence. And killing level 1 boars... Oh well, a little humility never killed anyone.

There is a good side to this though: those crappy quests all seem to give around 275 reputation with both dwarves and gnomes.

Just tonight I managed to become exalted with Ironforge and I'm about 3/4 of the way with Gnomeregan.

So yeah, if there's one grind I hate the most, that's probably the reputation grind.


Anonymous said...

at least you can make some cash by selling the boar meat in the AH!

Anonymous said...

You can represent factions other than your own in the daily tournament quests, gives you a fair bit of rep:

Of course lots of them involve jousting, which many people rightly despise, so you might be better off just running the lowbie areas!

Alternatively, you can get absolutely tons of runecloth by mass AoE-ing all the trash in Stratholme. Only problem is how long it takes to loot everything. Which is why you offer free boosts to lvl 50-somethings if they act as your loot monkey...

Redbeard said...

Yeah, in order to get Exalted on my Horde main I spent a lot of time in Starting Zones. Ironically enough, it took longer to get Tauren rep than any of the others, because I'd pick up a quest in Thunder Bluff to go hunt something, but that something is half a continent away.

Drove me nuts.

About the only really good thing about that is I was working on Loremaster anyway, so it was 'kill two birds with one stone' time.

Noms said...

Save the seals for mounts/BoE pets - once you hit exalted after representing other factions, the seal grind is nooot worth it. Badges -> heirlooms ftw.

Anonymous said...

FWIW: I did a combination of runecloth and questing. The runecloth collection was easy because I was farming Strat for the Baron's mount.

Unknown said...

Does turning in meat, blood, and body parts in AV still give rep with all your faction reps?

Darth Solo said...

@1st Anonymous I just dumped that trash :) Oh and I'm not even bothering to loot bodies at that level

2nd Anonymous unfortunately I've completed all the dailies with all factions and I'm still not exalted with all of them. Strat farming is also an option, in fact I went there a couple of times recently to try for the mount but unfortunately looting the bodies is a pain in the ass. On the plus side, those undead drop like flies. But I did manage to pull half the instance once and came close to dying.

@Redbeard I believe that doing Exodar quests gives rep for all Alliance factions. Gonna try this next. I should've done that the first time.

@Noms meh I'm over mounts and pets. Though I might just sell some pets for extra cash.

@Cold have no idea but it doesn't apply to me because I don't want to do any PvP.

LordKaladar said...

When I started playing again recently, I started a Drenai Hunter (never played a Drenai).

Afterwards, I remember a buddy gloating about having a Darnassus kitty mount at 31. So, I went to Teldrassil and did the NELF stuff, Darkshore, then Ashenvale. About the time I finished, I was exalted in both locales and at least honored in the rest.

After, I did the Humans, then Dwarf/Gnomes. Gnomes I never finished through questing. Needed maybe 40 stacks of cloth. Ambassador before Outlands was the result.

Doing starting areas at lvl 30 is still plenty fast, too.

Darth Solo said...

Yep, I did something similar. Post to follow.