Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gaining Exodar reputation

After I read somewhere that one of the best ways to gain reputation with all Alliance races is to quest around the Exodar starting areas, I decided to try it on my paladin because he still isn't exalted with a few of the races such as dwarves, draenei and night elves.

If you think about it, it makes sense why Blizzard would implement this. Exodar and the draenei race were introduced in Burning Crusade. Fresh draenei players would have a loooong way to go before they could gain reputation with the other capitals of the Alliance simply because they hadn't been around for so long. So Blizzard wanted to give them a boost by allowing a portion of Exodar reputation to be allocated to the other races as well. By this I mean that you still get the full Exodar reputation :)

The typical quest gives 250 reputation but as a human you get 275 from your racial bonus which gives an extra 10%. Nice. Since I'm a human I benefited from this perk.

I'm gonna cut straight to the chase here. If you lack Alliance reputation, go to Exodar and do those quests. It's probably the easiest way to boost your rep with all Alliance cities, especially Exodar. Here are some numbers to back this up.

Before I started questing in the Exodar area (Bloodmyst Isle and Azuremyst Isle) I had the following reputation values:
Exodar 3247/21000
Darnassus 6927/21000
Gnomeregan 13813/21000

After I became exalted with Exodar (after questing) I was like this:
Exodar 21000/21000
Darnassus 12810/21000
Gnomeregan 18525/21000

The gains were:
Exodar 17753
Darnassus 5883
Gnomeregan 4712

I didn't count Stormwind or Ironforge because I was already exalted with them. As you can see, the gains with the other two cities weren't incredibly high but still substantial in the end. I don't know if there's a formula for this but it seems that you can gain between 25% and 33% of Exodar rep for another Alliance city.

After I became exalted with Exodar I went on and finished all the quests on the two islands just to see how much rep I would continue to gain with Darnassus and Gnomeregan. Unfortunately the pickings were slim this time:
Darnassus 13085/21000
Gnomeregan 18800/21000

That's only about 300 rep but the time wasted was definitely not worth it, unless you're shooting for Loremaster. So after I finished all the quests around Exodar I went to Darnassus and started questing there.

I didn't count all the quests that I've completed but there were a lot. It took me a few hours even if I had my fast mount and could kill everything instantly. There's still a lot of running back and forth involved.

I would recommend this approach for gaining reputation with multiple cities. The main advantage is that you can do these quests at your own pace and are not limited by how many you can complete each day, as opposed to gaining reputation from Argent Tournament dailies.


Celebrandil said...

It's true that you gain reputation with all other Alliance factions when you quest for Exodar, but this is a general feature. You always gain reputation for all other factions, too, regardless of where you quest. You collect full reputation for the faction you just completed a quest, and 25% of that goes to the remaining Alliance/Horde factions.

Dave Cushley said...

What cele says is true, which is why the ToC quests are so good to get rep, you just do quests for the lowest rep one and it splashes over to the rest.

Darth Solo said...

I think you're both right. I do remember some of the ToC rep spilling over when using the token. But still, for me what mattered most was that I wasn't limited by how many quests I could complete in a day.

Marshall said...

I created my dwarf five years ago, and finally hit exalted with all the alliance factions. Getting Gnome rep was the hardest for me because I all the starter quests were done already. Fortunately the spill-over rep I got while working the Elf and Draenei areas finished it for me.
Something else that helped was runecloth turn-ins. I got plenty of that while farming Argent Dawn rep and the Baron's mount.
I still don't have the mount. :(

Darth Solo said...

Farming the Baron's mount is sure to net you a lot of runecloth but what I hate about it is the looting of so many bodies that's so very slow.