Saturday, August 14, 2010

100,000 gold for flying

MMO Champion has released some interesting tidbits from the latest Cataclysm beta build earlier today.

Among them you will notice that you'll be able to purchase 310% flying speed for 5000. It looks like this will be Cataclysm's gold sink - or at least one of them.

So what does this have to do with paying 100,000 gold for flying?

Well, take someone like me. In Cataclysm I will have one of each class on my main server. That's a total of 10 characters. While not each of those will reach maximum level, imagine that they did. Take this further and imagine that I would want to get each of my 10 characters 310% flying.

280% flying is 5000 gold
310% flying is 5000 gold
x 10 characters
100,000 gold

And if you factor in Northrend flying which is 1000 gold, that's an additional 10K gold. And I'm not even considering the cost of lesser flying and all the mounts.

Of course, I won't buy 310% flying for all my characters. I will probably get that for my hunter and paladin and perhaps one more character, provided I really enjoy playing that character. Currently most of my characters are simply parked in a major city and used for crafting only.

One thing that I really wish won't change is the paladin's Crusader Aura. 20% on top of that 310% is seriously wicked dude!

I'm not complaining about the cost for 310% flying. It's a luxury and certainly not a necessity. At least I haven't gone over the gold cap for nothing. That cash will come in handy in Cataclysm.


Gyldenfeax said...

Considering that a 310% mount before Cata took a years worth of events and a bit of luck or a successful raid in a difficult dungeon, 5k isn't much to spend. In BC 280% speed riding cost 5k, which was a pretty large amount at the time. With WOTLK inflation, 5k is chicken feed, although 280 to 310 isn't exactly the same as 150 to 280.

Darth Solo said...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Now I'm glad I don't have to grind all those blasted holidays. I would rather spend the 5K and then make it back in a variety of fun ways, all of my choosing.

Unknown said...

This is a relief to know that we can "just pay for it" , but what we don't yet know is if it will cost more to be able to fly in the New World. If anyone can fly it the New World, then I will feel cheated again, like when they dropped the level limits and prices for the other flying ranks.

Cold's Gold Factory

Darth Solo said...

No, they stated emphatically that they won't require you to pay a special "Azeroth flying" fee this time. I can't point you to where you can read that for yourself but I've seen it mentioned repeatedly.