Saturday, July 24, 2010


So I ran my first Northrend dungeon today on my priest, as shadow DPS this time. Since I wasn't 70 yet and I didn't have the latest level 70 skills, I didn't want to risk making a mess of healing. Besides, DPS is so much more leisurely...

After a very long wait of about 30 minutes, I finally found myself in Utgarde Keep. We had a paladin tank and a shaman healer.

A couple of minutes into the run it became apparent that the healer was having trouble keeping the tank alive, even when fighting small groups of trash. This wasn't gonna be good. In between DPS-ing I would pop a Power Word: Shield on the tank when her health dipped really low.

The healer was also constantly running out of mana and at one point told us to slow down so she could drink. That's when the tank said "You wouldn't run out of mana so often if you'd use your mana totem". At that point it dawned on me that the healer wasn't using a single totem. I was like, WTF.

From there on, she started using the mana totem. In the words of the tank (with whom I was having a private conversation about the healer), "facepalm".

After our first wipe I decided to switch specs to holy and heal the tank myself so we were pretty much dual-healing during the rest of the run. We tried initiating a kick vote but apparently the other members weren't aware how much she sucked so they declined to kick her.

Eventually we finished the dungeon though we almost wiped at the last boss thanks to those pillars which kept the tank out of line of sight.

There's no purpose to this post except to vent a little bit and wonder how the hell is it possible for some people to be so clueless at bloody level 70. At least, that healer is now on my ignore list so I won't have to suffer her incompetence from now on.


Call-Me-Kenneth said...

well, tbh thats not so uncommon, ppl nowdays lvl 1 - 50 in 4 days of dungeons in easy mode, where even cloth dps can tank... then do 50 - 70 in 2 days of afking in Alterac valley. (if it is that BGs week you can get to 70 in a couple of hours, if you get a winning streak...)

i seriously hope they ramp up the difficulty of some of the old dungeons, nowdays with all the changes to talents and mechanics, they are just too easy.

And Alterac Valley exp rates are sooo fubar right now... still, if you haven't, use one of your alts to do the 50 - 60 bracket in AV... best fun i had in wow in ages. those twinks are like raid bosses. :) when a hordie / ally twink meet up its like watchink one of the AV bosses fights. check out Cicelia from alleria server... 6k unbuffed. :o

Darth Solo said...

I dunno man, it's not like that healer was particularly skilled. She didn't even have good gear on. I wouldn't say these instances are trivial. Yes, they are much shorter than in vanilla WoW but that's a good thing. Each boss usually does have his own quirks and special abilities and if you don't know the fight it can be very nasty.