Friday, April 16, 2010

And here's why I was saving all that gold

It turns out I wasn't stupid to hoard more than 260K gold until Cataclysm. This interesting tidbit from Blizz's Twitter chat is pure gold if you will forgive the pun. I'm assuming the 310% riding skill (on top of the existing 5K gold 280% skill) won't be cheap. I'm expecting at least 1000G. My gold will be put to good use.

In other words they will allow people in Cataclysm to purchase the 310% riding skill for gold. Woohoo! That means I don't have to worry about that stupid achievement. That also means that I can return to the game much later than I had planned.

Another welcome change in Cataclysm will be the ability to fly around Azeroth. Fucking finally! The class changes are meh but at least we'll be able to see Azeroth from the air.


Gyldenfeax said...

I think it would have to be quite a bit more than 1k, seeing that 5k for the ultimate riding skill in BC was considered a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if it was at least 7k. Interestingly, the new purchasable (with real money) Celestial Steed is capable of the 310% speed, if you already have a mount that can go 310%.

Echo said...

├╣You just finished to post a "farwell" article and here you are again. Watch out mate. Watch out--- this game is killing you, even if you try to stay far from it.

Darth Solo said...

On the one hand it could be THE gold sink in Cataclysm. On the other, it could be something cheap seeing that Blizzard has been lowering the price of mounts.

@Echo I'm still following the news man but I'm not thinking about actually playing the game anymore. It's still in my blood though. And I'm pretty sure I'll be back for Cataclysm or even before.

Echo said...


As said above, considering you just posted a farwell article I think you have a real addiction problem. I see a potential BRK (BigRedKitty) here, that's all. You're the only one who truly knows if you have an addiction or not.

Echo said...


You're following the news AND writing a post on your wow-related blog. All of this AFTER you posted a farwell article. This is addiction. Trust me.

AJ said...

Also, I think you misread the developer chat notes. I don't think they were saying you could just buy a 310% mount speed increase. I think they were saying that if you already have a 310% mount, you could buy a skill to change ALL of your flying mounts to 310%.

Anonymous said...

"that stupid achievement"

The 310% speed achievement is awesome: it requires dedication and time. Imho these kind of achies much better than running around in town with a 20$ mount from the Blizzard Store, for example.

Edgar said...

While a small part of me would be pissed if it was just straight up gold for 310% flying speed cause it was such a pain in the butt, I figure I've been getting stuff easy that was much harder to get for older players, so I'll let that tiny part of me rot away and be happy to be able to easily get 310% speed for my alts.

However, I seriously doubt that it is going to be that easy. I have a feeling it will be a lot like cold weather flying is now, only harder. My feeling as to the way it will work is that once you have a 310% speed mount for your main character, you can then purchase it for any of your alts, but you have to get it the long and difficult way the first time.

I just think that every single 310% speed mount has been crazy hard to get (or time consuming at least), and it would be kind of crazy to just make it gold after all that work. However, like you can buy the account bound tome for cold weather flying and have your alts flying in north rend before level 77 once your main has gotten at least one 310% mount, he will either be able to purchase it for his other mounts, or for his alts, or possibly both.

They said they want all the mounts to be used not just your 310% so I think that 310 for all mounts will just be given away to all mounts for anyone who has 310% already, and getting it for your alts would be just a matter of buying it. That's what i think at least.

Gyldenfeax said...
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Gyldenfeax said...

Sorry about the above post. It wouldn't allow me to edit a confusing sentence.

On re-reading the Blizzard Twitter I have to agree with you Edgar. Simply allowing 310% flying to be bought with in-game gold or real money would devalue those who have put time and/or effort into getting the faster mount. However, allowing an upgrade in speed to be bought once a 310% mount is obtained, enabling 280% mounts to travel at the faster speed would be a good idea for variety's sake.

I personally like hippogryphs, so without this change (if it goes ahead) I would be stuck with a single fast mount with a model I find way to bulky for viewing the world around me.

I wouldn't worry too much about the School of Hard Knocks sub-achievement, Darth. Possibly the hardest of the lot, the EoTS flag cap, could easily enough be bought from another player for gold. The AV tower cap is a piece of cake which you'll most likely get first try, the AB flag assault is often a case of who gets to a base first or if that fails just ninja an unguarded horde flag and in WSG stay in the flag room and gank the often solo horde or alliance who grab the flag and return it. Certainly easily doable in a weeks worth of casual play.

Darth Solo said...

Hmm... on re-reading that Blizzard quote I'm starting to wonder and I believe I was wrong. It would be really nice though to be able to upgrade from 280 to 310 with gold. Make it any amount. Even 100K!

As for my addiction, funny you mentioned it Echo. My next post is exactly on that subject.