Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paladin project: levels 26-30

Level 26
New skills:
Hand of Salvation - another tool that will come in handy if someone in the group grabs aggro. This will allow me to lower their threat until I can grab the mob's attention.

New skill ranks:
Flash of Light rank 2
Retribution Aura rank 2

Here's where I got a nice tanking amulet (and my very first amulet to boot) from a random dungeon reward bag:
Tumultous Necklace of the Champion
+5 Str
+5 Sta
+5 Def

From Razorfen Kraul I also got my first helm, the Tusken Helm. The Str and Agi on this helm is very good for a tank.

At this point I've also started doing Gnomeregan and while my first run dragged on for 1.5 hours, subsequent runs lasted much less, between 20 and 30 minutes, due to learning some neat shortcuts.

Level 28
New skills:
Judgement of Justice - my first reaction would be to dismiss this judgement as useless since it seems to be made mostly for PvP but on second thoughts it could come in handy in instances with a lot of humanoids who tend to run away.
Shadow Resistance Aura rank 1 - my first resistance aura. Yay.

New skill ranks:
Exorcism rank 2

At level 28 I won the roll for a nice new weapon, the Pronged Reaver, from Razorfen Kraul. It was a long-needed upgrade but unfortunately I have to wait until level 30 to equip it.Pronged Reaver (level 30)

At level 29 I completed a quest chain culminating in Rig Wars, that starts in Gnomeregan and got Dual Reinforced Leggings as reward, which is a very nice pair of tanking pants.

Level 30
Finally, the talent I've long been waiting for: Blessing of Sanctuary. I've played around a bit with this new blessing outside a dungeon and it's so much better than Blessing of Wisdom.
New skills:
Seal of Light - I could start using this seal instead of Righteousness if I needed more damage mitigation but so far I haven't felt the need.
Divine Intervention - here's a very interesting skill. It can be used when a wipe is imminent, usually on the healer. It will protect the healer for a few minutes and also wipe all aggro, but sacrifice the caster (yours truly). This will allow the healer to survive and rez the rest of the group. Because I'm lazy, I haven't bought the reagent for this spell yet.

New skill ranks:
Consecration rank 2
Holy Light rank 5
Devotion Aura rank 4
Lay on Hands rank 2

Total gold at level 30: about 230.

Because my mining has been lagging way behind skinning (skill 100 at level 30), I decided to go around Hillsbrad Foothils to mine Tin especially, with the occasional Silver node thrown in. I'm also smelting silver ore because at this point it gives me skill-ups. I've tried buying silver ore from the auction house but it is very expensive and I only managed a few pieces at about 3 gold.

One other remark is in order here. I've started weaving Exorcism into my rotation whenever I have an excess of mana and/or my other skills are on cooldown. Another thing that I've started doing is pulling with Hand of Reckoning and immediately afterwards casting Exorcism on the mob.

Armory link

Talents at level 30: 0/21/0


Anonymous said...

Things with cast times are usually a bad idea when tanking. You will get hit and it will slow your cast down. Don't use exorcism, unless you're going to use it like you said at the end. Hand of Reckoning and then exorcism before it gets to you. Yes, you'll have downtime between cooldowns, but take that time to get a sandwich and something to drink. Soon enough you'll be doing 969 with no break on cooldowns. Enjoy the breaks while you get them.

Darth Solo said...

Oh I'm aware of that. Right now I don't have many spells in my rotation. Just judge and consecrate. And if I want to conserve mana, no consecrate but rather taunt.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog Darth! Just found this blog the other day and have really been enjoying your thoughts on wow. Keep up the good work!

Darth Solo said...

Thanks Erastus and welcome!