Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paladin project: avoid this jerk, Limash of Misha

Public service announcement

If any of you, dear readers, happen to encounter this douchebag named Limash of the realm Misha, a blood elf priest (currently level 24), do yourselves a favor and put him on ignore.

Tonight, on a random dungeon run in Razorfen Kraul, not 5 minutes into the instance, he ran ahead of the group while I was engaged with a couple of mobs, shielded himself and deliberately pulled 2-3 groups of mobs onto the group, then promptly left the party. We wiped, of course. The reason for this douchebaggery? Unknown. I guess some people are just like that.

Limash-Misha on armory


Bowcephus said...

Wow. Well this toon is 14 months old and is only level 24, so he is either extremely casual or, more than likely, this is a throwaway alt toon. No heirlooms indicates he either doesn't have an 80 or doesn't care enough about this toon to bother. He's in a huge guild - 461 members - so he could be anyone.

Did you find another healer?

Unknown said...

I stopped tanking on my pally because of stupid crap like that. Damm the insta que. I'm at 34 now so I may respec into prot and just go for it. Was really waiting for dual spec, but probably shouldn't bother.

Elkagorasa said...

I see that about once a month. Someone get's a heroic that they really didn't want, so they try to wipe the group.

Redbeard said...

Typically when I see someone get a heroic they don't want, they just up and split before anything happens.

That's being an asshat at a high level.

Although the time I got pulled into Pit of Saron and the tank wanted me to rez a guy who was right underneath Garfrost had me shaking my head. I mean, are you nuts? I'd just wipe in three seconds max.

Darth Solo said...

It hasn't happened in a heroic yet... in fact it hasn't happened before though I've heard stories.

Thing is, he wasn't even the healer, he had signed up as DPS though he had a "healing" spec.

Anonymous said...

As I'm leveling a new character, I experienced many times that situation. Never on my level 80s, though. I finally found out why would someone be such a jerk: easy travel.

At lower levels, getting from point A to point B can be long and tedious. By example, you are level 18ish and are in Darnassus. You want to go to Ratchet (for whatever reason). You queue for the Wailing Caverns.

You get the idea? To queue for a dungeon located near your desired destination. Once inside the instance, wipe the group (or at least yourself) and resurrect at the Spirit Healer outside. Voila. You are now near the Crossroads and a 5 mins run to Ratchet.

It is a douchebag move for sure and I expect more and more people doing it.

Darth Solo said...

Aha! That makes a lot of sense now that you mention it. Never thought of it that way. On the other hand that idiot didn't seem to be a very knowledgeable player from his talent setup.