Saturday, March 20, 2010

Outland at 58

I've long been of the opinion that it's a good idea to hop from Azeroth to Outland at 60 instead of 58 and from Outland to Northrend at 70 instead of 68 due to the fact that I'd have some extra talents and skills in my repertoire and also be at a higher level compared to the mobs I'm killing.

With my priest, I've reached the point where I became tired with the old world instances, quests and quest rewards so I decided to take him to Outland as soon as he hit 58. Though I can't run Outland dungeons just yet, though flying won't be available until 60 and though not all quests are available, it was a very good choice.

As I write this, I'm 59 going strongly on 60 and I've already got 3 good gear upgrades from quests. There's a world of different (forgive the pun) between Azeroth and Outland/Northrend in terms of quest design and rewards. Quests are quick, grouped together in the same area and rewards are meaningful. It's a good thing they're revamping the Old World in Cataclysm. I'd go crazy if I had to level just one more character through there.

Speaking of flying, remember the days when couldn't learn flying until 70? Good old days - not.


Shannara said...

Im 52 right now on my mage, as soon as I hit 58, im hitting outlands. Definately worth it, xp wise. And if you already have a lv80, then you probably have heirlooms to make leveling faster :)

Jerry said...

I've gone to Outland at 58 and usually had to come back to the Old World at 59. That usually happens because the quests dry up and I don't want to grind a whole level.

As for Northrend, I go at level 69 and don't look back. The transition for WotLK expansion was better designed for easing you into it. I'm currently working my 4th character to 80 and I totally hear you on being tired of the Old World. It's still where you spend most of your time leveling and it has the worst questing of all three lands.

Anonymous said...

I am currently leveling my 9th toon in Northrend (3 80's, the rest are 70 plus) and boy I have been tired of old world for so long since ive been playing since the game came out. I grind it out, no matter how dreadful, quickly questing away, just so I can get to Outland, and then Northrend. Good thing Cataclysm is coming out. It might actually give me the incentive to actually level the other toons I just cant get past level 40.

Darth Solo said...

@Shannara my priest has 5 heirlooms: chest, shoulders, staff and 2x trinkets :) Leveling was definitely a whirlwind.

@Jerry I was afraid of quests drying up too but I went from 58 to 60 in no time, just by doing the few quests that are available at that level. In retrospect, I would even prefer mindless grinding of mobs instead of going back to the old world.

@Anonymous I've had my fill of Azeroth too. Hopefully Cataclysm will change it sufficiently that it will make leveling alts a blast.

SirFWALGMan said...

You can run 1 dungeon at 58. I beleive if you go into the LFG interface and pick the "Select a Dungeon" option you can choose the 1 that is levels 57-62. I am currently leveling my Warlock who is 58 and running through that dungeon twice I have gained almost 2 levels.

Darth Solo said...

Yeah, there's 1 dungeon available, I believe Hellfire Ramparts. At 58 it is red. I didn't bother running that since I wanted to use the random feature for the little extra XP and blue items.

At any rate, I'm at 62 now and running randoms with every chance I get.