Sunday, February 14, 2010

To lead a raid

What is today? Today is the start of yet another holiday event, and meta-achievement, namely the Lunar Festival. One of the things that you need to do in order to complete the meta is Elune's Blessing, which requires you to kill a raid boss that you can summon in Moonglade.

If you plan to do this one, my advice is to get on it pronto. That was the first thing I did when I logged in today on my Hunter. The reason is that the boss requires a raid to kill and there will be lots of people trying to complete it at the beginning of the holiday, with less people towards the end.

Now the cool thing about this achievement is that you don't even need to actually kill the boss. You merely need to pick up a buff that the boss leaves after he's dead. So by hanging around a group that kills him, you can just stand in the light that bathes his body and you will get the buff. Still, it's a matter of finding people who will kill him or who already have. That's why I suggest you do this ASAP.

Finding myself in Moonglade, I started looking for a group for this guy but most people were under the impression that a 5-man group was enough. I took it into my own hands and formed a group that I promptly converted to a raid. Eventually, we downed the boss with almost 25 people.

One word here about the summoning. It was a bit confusing but it seems that you have to use Rocket Clusters (that you buy beforehand) on the 2 launchers that are at the summoning location. You have to use rockets on both launchers or else it won't work. Some wolves will start appearing and you need to kill them. Eventually the big boss will show up. As I said, it was a bit confusing and several people were using rockets on those things so in the end I didn't quite get the exact procedure. At any rate, buy sufficient rocket clusters before you start.

So there you have it, for the first time in my WoW career I have formed and led a raid, although a short-lived one at that. Not only that but I had a certain satisfaction to find myself at the #1 position on the damage chart. That was doubtlessly aided by the fact that I switched to Shatter Rounds for the occasion, but I was pulling an average of 4.5K DPS, with all the raid buffs.


Elkagorasa said...

IIRC, from last year we did a 25 man also to get this guy down, but it was so that many small groups compete for him, plus wait for the respawn.

Bloodshrike said...

We had a ....5 man raid on Omen when I finally got Bloodshrike up there to do the quest. I'm glad he doesn't reset or regen health, because that took a loooooooong time. A paladin tanking, boomkin? healing, me volleying and throwing whatever I had at him, plus some level 40's using Elune's candles.

It lasted so long the healer went OOM twice, and we got killed as a result each time. Fun times.
At least I was able to use that kill to log in some of my other alts, and gain credit for the quest for them too.

Look at you! Leading raids, running random've changed a bit since you started the blog. :)

Darth Solo said...

@Bloodshrike yeah I've changed but so has WoW. Things are not the same anymore and I'm not so rigid as to stick to outdated ways. I always like to go with what gives me the most pleasure.

Oh and we even had 2 deaths on Omen!

Bear Pelt said...

My Omen raid was rather chaotic. Guildies were under the impression it was just a 5-man boss. Ohhhhhhhh boy. I downed him last year but decided to help them on this one.

We started gathering people a few hours after the Lunar Festival was out on our server. The most tedious task was actually getting people to Moonglade. I'm a druid so it's a no-brainer, but we had to instruct people time and time again how to get here by the event mechanics. Once there, we recruited some more folks who were at the place.

Once everyone arrived, we started. But no one had asked about tanks or healers.

Thankfully, I had stuck in my tank spec just in case (I recall many people dying to last year's encounter including my wee 70+ self) and tanked it as he emerged out of nowhwere before he finished munching on our priest.

A successful raid with about 18 people :D We were done in no time!

Anonymous said...

You know, you don't even have to be in the raid that killed him. Just walk through his corpse once he's dead basically.

Darth Solo said...

@Anon, you're right, but I mentioned it in my post.