Saturday, February 6, 2010

Inscription these days

Just a quick heads-up on how I do business with Inscription these days. Things have calmed down a bit and prices seemed to have stabilized. My strategy is simple...

1. I buy cheap herbs whenever I find them. I watch out for Icethorn or Adder's Tongue, ideally at 10G a stack. I will buy any amount at that price.

2. I mill the herbs and convert them to inks. Snowfall Inks become Runescrolls of Fortitude most often, that I sell for a decent profit. Occasionally I will craft Iron-bound Tomes but the profit here is not high due to many sellers undercutting each other to the ground.

3. By the time I craft my glyphs, I have already recuperated the cost of buying herbs and even made a profit due to selling Runescrolls.

4. I scan the AH with QA2 and queue up 4 of each glyph that's at least 20 gold. I won't even bother with cheaper ones. I could definitely do that, in which case my profits would be higher but it would mean a bigger time investment and I'm not willing to do that anymore.

5. I then craft everything that's in the queue, and then post 1 of each glyph with QA2, undercutting by 1c. I always use the minimum duration, which is 12 hours. That's so my undercut glyphs can return to my mailbox as quickly as possible.

6. Whenever I can be bothered, I log in and just get QA2 to re-post. It will "refresh" only those glyphs which have been undercut.

7. I can't be bothered to use QA2's option for cancelling undercut auctions anymore because it takes precious time. Here's where the 12 hour posting comes into effect. Every once in a while when I log in I will just grab everything from my mailbox, whether gold or unsold glyphs, and the re-post everything with 1 click.

And that's about it. I try to keep the stress at a minimum. Inscription continues to bring in significant revenue. Using this method I will easily make between 100G and 1000G a day. I will usually make less whenever my most expensive glyphs have sold out and I will make more whenever I have just crafted a new batch of "expensive" glyphs. Typically I will scan and craft once, at most twice, a week.

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