Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dalaran jewelcrafting dailies quest locations

As promised yesterday in my Jewelcrafting 450 article, today I'm gonna show you where I go to get the items required for the Dalaran Jewelcrafting dailies.

Let's not forget that in order to really master this profession, you will need to learn patterns bought with Dalaran's Jewelcrafter's Tokens which can be gained at a rate of one per day from the daily quests provided by Timothy Jones, the trainer in Dalaran. You can also buy pattern from reputation vendors but that's another story and I won't be doing that with my Warlock.

What follows is a list of the random quests that the guy offers. There are 6 of them and each is based on the same idea: it sends you to one of 3 zones to kill a certain type of creature which drops the item required to craft your quest item. In addition to the dropped item, you will also need 2 types of green gems.


Shipment: Blood Jade Amulet
The Blood Jade Amulet requies 1 Vrykul Amulet, 1 Dark Jade and 1 Bloodstone. The amulet can be found on "any Northrend Vrykul". The best spot I found for this is in Ymirheim (around 56,55 if you have coords), which is right in the middle of Icecrown. It's a very short flight from Dalaran. Just kill any of the Vrykul in the area.

Shipment: Shifting Sun Curio
The Shifting Sun Curio requres 1 Scouge Curio, 1 Sun Crystal and 1 Shadow Crystal. The Scourge Curio drops from "any Northrend Scourge". The best spot I found for this one is at around 72,64 in an area called The Broken Front. Kill the abominations in the area. The thing about Icecrown and Scourge is that Icecrown is heavily phased. My warlock hasn't completed many of the quests there so he isn't able to "see" Scourge as he should. For that reason, I found this spot that doesn't seem to be phased.


Shipment: Bright Armor Relic
Bright Armor Relic requires an Elemental Armor Scrap which drops from the revenants that are found in a small frozen lake with a large skeleton in the middle of it, at 72,39, as well as 1 Bloostone and 1 Huge Citrine.

Storm Peaks

Shipment: Glowing Ivory Figurine
A Glowing Ivory Figurine requires 1 Northern Ivory, 1 Chalcedony and 1 Shadow Crystal. The ivory drops from mammoths but the only ones that seem to drop it (for me, at least) are the ones at the Eastern extremity of Storm Peaks, around an area called Temple of Life at 64,45. I have tried mammoths closer to Dalaran but they never dropped anything, although Blizzard's quest tips indicate that they do.

Shipment: Intricate Bone Figurine
The Intricate Bone Figurine requires 1 Proto Dragon Bone, 1 Chalcedony and 1 Dark Jade. The closest location I've found for these dragons is above Brunnhildar Village at 49,60. You'll even find a nest with 3-4 hatchlings that have very little health. Also check some of the surrounding peaks for mature dragons.

Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch
Finally, for a Wicked Sun Brooch you will need an Iron Dwarf Brooch, 1 Huge Citrine and 1 Sun Crystal. You can fing the brooch on Iron Dwarves and there's plenty of them in a cave slightly north of Frosthold, at around 27,67.

Please bear in mind that these are the quickest locations I could find. There may be closer ones, in which case let me know. The farthest one is the one at the Eastern edge of Storm Peaks but I typically reach all locations by flying on my slow carpet. I will just set my Warlock to auto-pilot and go do something else in the meantime. One other thing: these quests are quick because you typically only need to kill 2-3 mobs before your item drops. Sometimes it even drops on the first kill.

If you have found better locations, don't hesitate to let me know!


Skaut said...

The 3 in Storm Peaks are the same places I go. For the Vrykul, I get the ones just inside Zul'Drak on the north side of the big road. For elementals, I fly just to the very north end of Dragonblight, near the end of the Path of Titans, there are earth elementals above the road where the giants and worms are, very quick one there. And for the Scourge, I just zip down below Daralan and get it from one of those neutral Night Elf ghosts that wander around, making it the closest one possible.

My JC that does this is 76, but he does have Cold Weather Flying already and an epic mount so zipping off to do the quests takes very little time.

HokieJayBee said...

ivory drops from shoveltusks too, not just mammoths. although fjord might be a longer flight than northeastern storm peaks. but if you're just flying to the zone while afk, putting yourself on a flight to fjord is equivalently afk flying. [and fjord beasts are a lot easier kills than storm peaks].....especially for non-80 JC'ers.

BG said...

The protodrakes at Valkyrion are a bit closer to Dalalag for the Intricate Bone Figurine, and kind of on the way to the Tourney grounds if you're still grinding out those dailies.

Jarnow said...

For the Scourge one, I just go to the portal in Runeweaver's square and drop down to Crystalsong Forest right below Dalaran (can't get any closer than that right?). The neutral undead in that area drop the relevant item.

For the elemental one, I follow the advice given in the Wowhead comments and go to Ebon Watch. There's a bunch of elementals immediately outside the quest hub that makes it really convenient.

Darth Solo said...

@Skaut dang it those are great tips! I'm gonna try them as soon as I get the quests, the scourge and revenant ones. Erm... I doubt your 76 has epic flying. You can get that at 77.

@HokieJayBee I might try shoveltusks. I think I prefer Howling Fyord because Storm Peaks is hard to navigate completely AFK.

@BG I just tried the protodrakes at Valkyrion last night and I couldn't find any... alive. Someone had killed them all. I don't think there are too many there.

@Jarnow thanks, I remember those outside Ebon Watch now.

Skaut said...

Actually Darth, my 76 *does* have Cold Weather Flight and epic flying, thanks to my level 80 buying the Tome of Cold Weather Flight and sending it to him. :) My 71 hunter is flying around thanks to that too. But you have to be level 80 in order to buy it and send it to your alts.

Darth Solo said...

Nevermind, my bad. If you pay the 5000G you can get access to epic flying before 77. What was I thinking?

Personally, after the mount changes were implemented I never felt the need to get epic flying for 2 of my other alts. The "slow" mount is much faster at 150% than previously at 60% and I don't think 5K gold is justified any longer. I'm betting that they'll lower that price in Cata.

Skaut said...

Actually, my Paladin had epic flying at level 70, before Wrath hit. Most of my level 70s did back then. My new level 70s don't have epic flying yet, but the ones that were at 70 in BC do. Can't really ask for a refund now!

Darth Solo said...

@Skaut I know, I had forgotten about the lv.77 thing because it's been so long ago.

Redbeard said...

I make a point of going to Storm Peaks as much as possible for my JC dailies, because I'm still trying to get that bear mount from ol' Greta the Arbiter. I figure it's easier to combine as much as possible, like fitting in a Warsong Hold daily or two while farming for Titanium in Icecrown.

Maybe when (okay, if) that mount finally drops, I'll be able to switch to the closest physical locations to Dal for my JC stuff.

Darth Solo said...

I don't know what bear from Gretta you're talking about. Tried to look it up on wowhead but couldn't find anything.

Melfina said...

My personal favorite for the scourge one is to hang outside ICC. There are periodic waves of geists and such attacking, and I'm generally waiting for a raid or 5 man anyway.

redbeard's talking about the bear mount that can drop from the daily quest reward in Storm Peaks. This NPC

Darth Solo said...

Actually the closest one I've found is The Broken Front around 72 66. Just kill the fatty abominations and the necromancers.

Anonymous said...

You can get Ivory from the Mammoths just South East of the Worms/Giants area in dragon blight. North west of where you indicate Elemental Armor Scrap.

Darth Solo said...

@Anon dang it I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. I shall investigate!