Sunday, January 31, 2010

Anal is the new Chuck Norris

I'm back from my trip and I'm treating you to this photo I took of Chuck Norris whom I met during my travels.

This encounter got me thinking about the sad state the trade channel is in these days. Well, trade chat has always attracted its fair share of scum and villainy - if I may poach this partial quote from somewhere else - but for some time now it seems to me that it has sunk to new lows.

I'm talking, of course, about the endless "anal" discussions. It wasn't so long ago that lame Chuck Norris jokes were a staple of the trade channel chitchat but these have, by and large, being replaced by endless and idiotic "anal" references.

Now, I'm sorry if some of you happen to participate in these discussions but my opinion of these people is very low, to say the least. I can't possible imagine what would compel someone to spout this garbage on a channel that's intended for trading. Well, I'm being naive when I'm hoping that people will stop spewing crap on a faction-wide channel, I'll give you that. Still, I don't see any rational reason to propagate such ridiculous discussions.

I don't wanna get frustrated so soon after my vacation so I will end my rant with this: to my mind, those who engage in "anal" talk either have the mind of a 5-year old who has just discovered the meaning of the word "anal" or are expressing a subconscious wish to engage in anal sex. Either way, it must have been "fun" the first time some idiot discovered that associating the word "anal" with WoW talents, skills, items, achievements, etc has the potential to produce some "interesting" combinations, but old jokes get old fast and I've had it to the gills with this new trend, especially when I'm trying to use the trade chat for, you know, actually trading stuff.


Mike said...

Shout it from the mountain tops my friend!

Shannara said...

Simple, keep reporting them, even though blizz is too lazy to do their job and ban the account. And report them to some WOW Wall of Shame site. These people are breaking the ToS, and should be removed from life.

Celebrandil said...

I've turned off the trade and general chan a long long time ago. Over the past five years it has slowly but steadily deteriorated into a kindergarten.

It is a fact that when I started playing this game, our server (and probably all of the others, too) was populated largely with mature people. There was a friendly atmosphere in the channels (some might not remember but back in the days, every capital city had its own channels, which means only Orgrimmar was busy). Over the years and with the rising popularity of the game, the idiots and halfbrains slowly took over.

And what really makes me sad is seeing the obvious lack of spelling that many kids suffer from nowadays. Sometime in the future those morons have to pay my pension! *shudder*

frogi said...

I'm way to immature and like having random chats in Trade after about 11pm, its a good way to find the cool people on your server. We usually talk about films or music, even sport. Yeah, someone always comes in with Analfather or the Lord of the Anal. But I don't know, to me, this is a game and should be played with a big sense of humor. Like I have my DK run about in Dala with a pink dress on, always wanting to get married.

@Shannara: Your last sentence is the dumbest thing I've seen today, congratz! It's still pretty early though.

Oh, and welcome back Darth.

Jangomar said...

I agree Darth. It really is a low form of humour. I wonder how widespread it is across the realms. I play on Barthilas (Oceanic) and it is pretty rampant, especially just prior to server shutdown.

LOl @ Shannara, are you saying Blizzard should ammend the ToS to include Capital Punishment? That's a little extreme methinks.

Exelon said...

I find that it's usually no more than 5-10 people doing this. I simply take the time to right click their names, hit report spam, (this temp ignores them, and may be enough for some) then I add them to my ignore list. 5 minutes of my time, and the anal spam is mostly eliminated.

Unknown said...

BadBoy CCleaner... Keep your children and your sanity safe while idling in Orgrimmar.

koalabear said...

Report for spam. It ignores them for you and thus cleans up trade. I have even seen several of those morons get bans.

Darth Solo said...

I like to keep trade chat up at all times. Sometimes I find interesting items I can snag for very low prices.

I was thinking about reporting these people but I don't really do things out of spite and if I were to report all spam on trade chat, it would mean 90% or more people would have to be reported. I take great pains not to talk anything non-trade related on this channel.

I realize that for these people it is all a big joke and please believe me when I tell you that I have a very big sense of humor. Still, even though I enjoy the occasional bad joke, this is like telling the same bad joke a hundred times.

Oh well, life moves on.

Unknown said...

I have hated that chat for over a year or two now. I would take Chuck Norris in barrens chat any time over it.

You would think they would of patched in some kind of filter already for it, but I guess blizz doesn't really care.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 100%