Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vanity Pet #84 - Core Hound Pup

Patch 3.3 is here and with it, a surprise pet. No one saw this coming but some of you might find a new pet in their mailboxes when they log in after the patch. It's the Core Hound Pup which looks very cool for a vanity pet and has some neat animations.

If you're one of those who didn't get the pet, I'm afraid it's tough luck for you, unless you buy an authenticator. Yep, the pet is a sort of reward for those who use authenticators to log into WoW. I'm not sure if that's also the case for iPhone authenticators but I would assume so.

I've been known to chastise Blizzard for various reasons but this time I'm actually praising them. That's a very nice gesture they did with the new pet. And yes, even though you need to purchase an actual item in order to get the pet, the authenticator is worth so much more than its $7 price. No one has any excuse for not getting one if they live in the US especially. It's the best way of securing your WoW account from being hacked so go and get one!


Anonymous said...

Dont forget to get the new pets from the woman in the pet store in Dalaran. The store behind the woman who sells the mounts outside. 40g each for three new cool pets.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am looking most forward to claiming my corehound :-D
Nice one Blizzard!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you get the Core Hound Pup if you use the iPhone/iPod Touch authenticators. I got mine :) really cool. Thanks Blizzard.

Anonymous said...

And just fyi - the mobile authenticator for iphone/ipod touch is free to download. I have to admit I went and downloaded the authenticator application just last night and sure enough - there was my Core Hound Pup!

Darth Solo said...

1st Anon - yeah I already got those, was gonna write another post on them.

3rd Anon - I didn't know the app was free. At any rate, I prefer the physical authenticator. I've heard about people having problems when they lost their iPhones or they got stolen.