Friday, December 4, 2009

Sell your Arctic Furs now!

If there's just one more piece of advice that I can give you before patch 3.3 is released (rumored to be on Tuesday the 8th), it is this: sell all your Arctic Furs now!

I don't know what the deal is with Arctic Furs but the drop rate really sucks. You literally have to skin 100 mobs in order to get one drop. Sometimes though you can get lucky. The day before yesterday I got a Fur while questing with my rogue and yesterday I got 2 more Furs in quick succession by killing the same mobs.

Anyhoo, I remember a few months ago Arctic Furs were selling on my server for around 30 gold, which is still a lot. Then the price slowly climbed to 40 and then 50 gold. Today it hovers around 90-100 gold.

Though I have a Leatherworker and I can craft various things with these Furs, I prefer to sell them these days. Patch 3.3 will allow everyone to exchange 10 Heavy Borean Leather (or 60 Borean Leather) for 1 Arctic Fur. On my server that means between 40 and 50 gold. And that's a big difference from the 90-100 gold that they currently sell for.

Fact is, if the price of Arctic Furs on your server is a lot higher than the price of 10 Heavy Borean or 60 Borean Leather, sell all your Furs now. The common leather is always in plentiful supply, being very easy to skin. I have liquidated all my stock of Furs and I will sell each one that drops for me until 3.3 hits.


Anonymous said...

I did the converse (inverse?) of this last night and bought as much Heavy Borean leather as I could. I need arctic fur to finish leveling my leatherworking. Artic Fur has been trading on my server for around 100g. Heavy Borean leather sells in stacks for about 60g. 20 HBL = 2 Arctic Fur, so I effectively bought Arctic fur for 30g each instead of 100. Furthermore, I contend that the ability to buy Arctic Fur with HBL will drive up the price of HBL, so I think I got a good deal.

Darth Solo said...

I thought everyone knew about Borean Leather, that's why I didn't put it out there. I also bought as much of it as I could find, for the right price, of course ;)