Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Heroic: The Oculus

The Oculus was today's random heroic. Right from the start, I gotta say this: it was one of the funnest dungeons I've experienced recently. Between the flying drakes, the floating buttresses and the final boss, fun was at a maximum.

I believe our group was very well geared and at any rate knew the instance very well. They simply blazed through everything. One of them also briefed me on the last encounter, Eregos. I'm gonna explain this at a very simplistic level but the idea is to pre-determine which group member uses the "3" skill on your drake's bar, on the boss. I forget what the skill does exactly but if I'm not mistaken, while you're channeling this, the boss is in a weakened state. Meantime, everyone else goes DPS on his ass using the "1" skill. At some point the boss "enrages". You will see a big warning on the screen. Everyone flies as far away as they can from the boss and waits for him to finish venting his frustrations. Meanwhile, he shoots pretty bubbles at random. If they burst next to you they deal massive damage so you have to avoid them. It's easy to do that since they move slowly. Once this phase is over, the next person in line goes and repeats the whole thing. Overall this was one of the easiest bosses, provided the strategy is known and understood.

Here are the achievements I got:

100 Stone Keeper's Shards
The Oculus
Heroic: The Oculus
Make It Count <-- for some reason this one didn't show up on screen.

Edit: I just read a bit on the strategy for defeating Eregos and oh boy am I a noob... Check it out in the comments section from Wowhead. The strategy is more involving than I had first thought. Those guys in my group really knew their stuff.


koalabear said...

I believe you can only see 3 achievements at a time on the screen.

I don't mind dpsing the Oculus, but I hate healing it.

Joar said...

Darth - really glad to see you running all these instances! There's some great content out there that I feel like the new Dungneon Finder tool is giving a lot more people the opportunity to see - which is truly a great thing.

The funny thing about your experience is that Oculus is typically an instance that people hate - but it sounds like you had a really good group that knew their stuff - and that makes all the difference in almost any instance.

Darth Solo said...

@koalabear healing with the green drake or normally?

@Joar yeah it's awesome! I've run 3 heroics today. Oculus was fun but after I read the strategy I counted myself very lucky that I was in a group who knew what they were doing.

Celebrandil said...

Oculus is the most hated instance Blizzard ever designed. That's because if you go there with the wrong people, it turns into a total nightmare with endless wipes, mostly because it was the first instance that used the new mechanics (controlling the drakes and understanding their abilities), and it wasn't too easy either (they recently nerfed it).

I only ever went there with guildmates. And I missed to complete the "Timear foresees" daily dungeon quest that asks you to kill Oculus trash. Damn!

SirFWALGMan said...

yeah I hate the OCC.. heh. Mostly because what Celebrandil said with the n00b groups that fly all over the place and wipe you. First time I ran it nobody told me where to go so I wandered into the bosses aggro range.. heh.

It's cool that your strategy was a "little" off... still a fun read.

Shadowcraft said...

Since I'm guessing you didn't know. Make it Count is generally considered one of the hardest achievements to get for the Glory of the Hero meta achievement. At least it used to be before they nerfed Occ this patch, and with the number of people that hate it, I'm sure it still is.

So extra congrats on getting that achievement done!

Darth Solo said...

Oh boy, after these comments I really do find myself extra fortunate for having completed this without a hitch and even getting that extra achievement as Shadowcraft said.