Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Heroic: Halls of Lightning

For my second heroic dungeon using the new LFG tool, I found myself in Halls of Lightning, which surprisingly is part of Ulduar. Never thought I'd find myself in Ulduar. Oh well...

This time our group wasn't that great and we wiped a couple of times. I died about 3 times total but I didn't mind as long as we finished the entire dungeon. This was also the lengthiest heroic so far and it took us 1 hour to beat it. It was late at night, after 1AM and people were tired.

At one point I made a fool of myself by trying to resurrect one of the dead members of our group and I picked the damn tank (which was a warrior) instead of choosing the healer! I do have an excuse though: for some reason I thought the tank was a paladin (oops!) and I guess I didn't realize the priest was dead. And I wasn't even drunk...

We wiped at the final boss, Loken, of course. Initially we used the "standard" strategy for this fight which is to hug the boss and when he starts casting his AOE, run like hell for the stairs (where's the damn stairs??), then when he stops go back, rinse and repeat. There are some problems with this strategy. I won't even get into them.

We then decided to adopt the "alternative" strategy which is to keep hugging the boss even when he casts the AOE and let the healer heal through it. It worked nicely so keep that in mind if you ever need it.

And that's it for Halls of Lightning. It was fun but not as good as my first random heroic. Here are the achievements I got. For some reason I didn't see the Heroic: Halls of Lightning achievement pop up on the screen.

Lightning Struck
Timely Death
Shatter Resistant
Halls of Lightning
Heroic: Halls of Lightning


Celebrandil said...

Congratulations for beating what was once the hardest encounter in the game (except for raid bosses of course)!

In the first few months after the WotLK release, Loken was the guy who killed the most players in the game. There's a statistic about this on the WoW page somewhere. I hated him.

Darth Solo said...

@Celebrandil no shit?? This was the hardest boss?? I mean, we did wipe, but once we adjusted our strategy everything went fine. Unfortunately, hard as he is, he drops crap.

Celebrandil said...

Indeed he was. It was one of the very few movement encounters, so you couldn't stand still and nuke him. Back then when most people were dressed in greens and blues, it was hard to burn him down quickly enough before the healer was overwhelmed with the incoming damage. And anyone hit by the explosion died instantly, which usually caused a wipe. However this changed as people got better gear, and now with the epics that everybody is wearing, he's a pushover.

Darth Solo said...

I guess I can see how he can be hard for undergeared people. Still, I would have thought that for Ulduar you can't really go in greens and blues.