Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Your Play Time Expires in X Minutes

I knew today was the last day on my WoW subscription but when I logged in to put my affairs in order before the break, I got this weird message: "Your play time expires in 11 minutes".

I've never seen this before and that's why I find it odd, although I'm sure it is completely normal. Up until now I had the impression that Blizzard secretly allowed you to play during your last login even if you went a little bit over your allotted time. It looks like that's not true. Oh well...

Another thing that I've noticed was that I got the same 11 minute deadline when I logged in on each of my characters. Then, the time would start counting down in the chat window with the same yellow letters that indicate how long we have until the server shuts down for maintenance or reboot.

This is a nice touch because it allowed me to grab some items from the mail and even do a couple of dailies. And one more thing: the WoW patch downloader has started to download the first chunk of patch 3.3. I'm not in a hurry for the patch although it brings some exciting new things. I'm gonna take a break now, perhaps until 3.3 hits. At any rate, for the next 2 weeks or so. Don't go away though, I'm still here and I will continue to blog!


Anonymous said...

My 2 cents:

You will renew your subscription within a week ;)

frogi said...

Anonymous sees the future!

Its a nice feature, would help with things like "Oh lets login and go raid/pvp/sit in Dala for 3 hours. AGH only 11 minutes to do them all!"

Think about half of Wow has taken time out in the wait of 3.3.

Darth Solo said...

Thing is, I've set my mind on 2 weeks. Not more because I left some items in the mailbox and I don't wanna lose them :))

The bigger problem is that I have a crapload of non-WoW related stuff to do and I've been putting them off for months thanks to the game. I hate it when Blizz keep adding cool new stuff in these patches lol :)