Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Profit With Spice Bread During Pilgrim's Bounty

Here's a good way to make a lot of profit, well, for a short while at least. If you're not a cook feel free to skip this but even then, it's worth learning cooking since this recipe can be learned at level 1. Spice Bread is in very high demand during Pilgrim's Bounty due to the dailies and many people are too lazy to make their own so what do they do? They buy it from the Auction House of course.

What I'm telling you is not new, nor was I the first who discovered this. Chances are you've read about this already on other blogs. Well, here it is again from yours truly.

I admit that I read about this somewhere else, I forget where. I decided to give it a try to see if people really are that lazy. It baffles me that this is true, considering that you can cook this recipe at level 1. Here are some quick stats.

Required mats for 1x Spice Bread:
1x Simple Flour = 25c
1x Mild Spices = 10c

Sell these in stacks of 20 for a total cost of 7 silver a stack. I sold a lot of stacks already for 20 gold a stack! That's a 285x profit!!!

Now if you're a high end cook and also possess a Chef's Hat, your cooking will be lightning quick and you can make hundreds of these in no time. My suggestion: drop everything (for a few minutes at least) these next few days and cook some Spice Bread! Your pockets will thank you for it.

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Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me just how lazy people are :-o
Another good thing I discovered about Pilgrims Bounty is that is is great for leveling cooking on my alts for almost next to nothing and in a very short space of time as the mats are readily available from the Pilgrim's Bounty Vendor ;-)