Thursday, November 12, 2009

Affliction Warlock Glyphs

Affliction Warlock Spec

Yesterday I presented the Affliction spec that I use for my fresh level 80 warlock. Today I'm going to go in more detail regarding the glyphs that I've chosen.

Major Glyphs

Haunt - Since this glyph provides a flat increase to Haunt's damage, I consider it essential for an Affliction build, seeing as Haunt is currently at the top of the tree.

Life Tap - Since I use Life Tap in almost every rotation (and you should too), it's a no-brainer because it increases your Spell Power based on your Spirit.

Corruption - This one replicates Nightfall's effect, which I find quite nifty and that's why I prefer this glyphs. In increases your chance of a instant Shadow Bolt but if both effects proc at the same time, you only get one instant Shadow Bolt.

Minor Glyphs

Unending Breath - The most important minor glyph, it gets rid of the reagent requirements for your Unending Breath spell that I use quite a lot.

Drain Soul - Marginally useful when solo-ing, more so when in raids: it gives you an extra Soul Shard when Life Draining.

Kilrogg - Since I couldn't find a 3rd useful glyph, I decided to go with this one, though I my whole warlock career I've used Eye of Kilrogg perhaps once.

If you have suggestions for better Major glyphs, let me know. I'm very happy with my current selection but I'd be interested if there are cool synergies that I have overlooked.

Affliction Warlock Spec


Celebrandil said...

Unending Breath needs a reagent? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Unending Breath doesn't need a reagent - the glyph increases your swim speed by 20% when you have the buff cast, which can be pretty handy. Along with Drain Soul, it's certainly our most useful minor glyph.

As for your major glyphs, they all look right to me. Life Tap is going to be even more useful in 3.3 due to the effect also activating from Dark Pact, but come the patch you probably want to swap out Corruption for the new Quick Decay, which reduces the time between ticks of your DoTs, as modified by haste.


koalabear said...

eye of kilrogg is only useful if you are jumping off something and want your pet to be able to follow you without having to run around the long way.

put your pet on stay, summon the eye, then dismiss the eye and your pet is right next to you

Darth Solo said...

Oops looks like I'm an idiot. For some reason I confused this with the walk on water spell the shamans have. Or not?? Didn't Unending Breath use a reagent? Did they change this recently?

@koalabear I guess the eye could be useful to scout certain things when leveling. Otherwise it's completely useless.