Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vanity Pet #80 - Mr. Chilly

Here's one pet that everyone's gonna get, on the condition that they convert their WoW account to Since conversion is mandatory (you've probably noticed the notification in your WoW client at the login screen), Blizzard offers this free pet to everyone who has created a account before the 11 November deadline to "soften the blow" for those who are reticent to change.

Since I've converted my account a long time ago, all I had to do was pick the new pet from the mail. If you haven't converted to yet, you won't see the pet but don't worry. Sooner or later, if you still want to play WoW that is, you will have to convert. As of today there are 27 days remaining. Tick tock.

This rounds up my collection nicely to 80 pets.


Paul said...

Do you have room in the bank for all of those pets?

Anonymous said...

Paul, methinks that you haven't played WoW in a while if you are asking that question seriously. Mounts and companion pets take up NO inventory slots, they are simply on a tab on your character screen.

Paul said...

I suffer from too many alts and a lack of drive to hit the higher levels regrettably...

A different question for the solo orentated crowd: What is the general rule for what level you need to be to solo an instance? For example Dead Mines?

Gyldenfeax said...

Mr. Chilly looks kinda creepy, though he is free so who can complain. If only Blizzard would give us a free phoenix. Or even better a tab to put all those fun trinkets still taking up room in my bags (like pets and mounts used to). Pity I've already deleted my Linken's Boomerang :(.

Darth Solo said...

@Paul you don't keep pets in your inventory anymore. Once you click on a pet object, you "learn" it and you have a tab under your character from where you can summon all your pets. There's no limit to how many pets you can carry. Same goes for mounts.

I believe Deadmines can be solo-ed for the most part from around 35-40 and up, depending on your class, gear and knowledge of how the class plays.

@Gyldenfeax he looked creepier before, when he had red eyes. I agree they could have made these penguin pets cuter. What I'm hoping for is another interface for our tabards.