Tuesday, October 20, 2009

G.N.E.R.D. Rage Done

Just after I finished my guide to Hallow's End, last night, I decided to give G.N.E.R.D. Rage a try. My strategy was simple: go inside Alterac Valley since I remembered it as giving the most honor out of all battlegrounds. Of course, I've never tried Wintergrasp so I don't know if things have changed since Burning Crusade.

Going in, I had 45 G.N.E.R.D.S. I hoped they would be enough. Long story short, I only used about 3 of them before I got the achievement done. The beauty of Alterac Valley is that it's a free-for-all from my point of view. Since the only reason I ever tried battlegrounds was to get honor and badges, regardless whether Alliance won or lost, I didn't give a crap if I died or when I died. This time however, I needed to make sure I didn't die 45 times, before I could get 50 HKs, because the buff expires after death.

Well, I only managed to get 3 HKs for my first G.N.E.R.D. The second one was much better and I got a couple of dozen. The third one got me the achievement. It was a piece of cake. There were so many people doing AV just for this achievement that it almost felt like a joke. How could I tell? Because I saw dozens of achievements from the other players pop up in the chat panel.

Once I completed G.N.E.R.D. Rage, I also attained Hallowed Be Thy Name and thus the "The Hallowed" title. Nice, this holiday was much easier to complete than I had anticipated. One tip that I would like to share with you is this: try to complete G.N.E.R.D. Rage as soon as possible. A lot of people will try to do it during the first days of the holiday and it might be slightly harder to get such an enthusiastic crowd at the end. But what am I talking about... AV is usually always packed and there are plenty of opportunities for getting kills, even if you're totally anti-PvP.

As a bonus, I also got a ton of other PvP-related achievements during the battle. It's always nice to get these unexpected achievements, what can I say.


Vikt said...

You have a helluva trigger finger in getting pics of the actual achievements popping up. Every time I try it seems like I get it on its way off the screen, and thus ends up a blurred image.

Just for consistency's sake I started snapping pics of the achievements brought up in the boxes, at least that gave me a semblance of conformity.

Anyway, longtime reader/first time caller - love the blog.

Anobaith said...

I seem to remember seeing on something about an Addon that would automatically take a screenshot when an achievement fired.
Unfortunately, that's all the information I can remember...

Anonymous said...

I use this one: Multishot

koalabear said...

I got the G.N.E.R.D. Rage acheivement last night in WG. It took all of 2 mins once the battle started. The fantastic thing about WG is the sheer amount of people in it.

I think you might actually enjoy WG, especially if you are honor farming. I ended up with 12k honor after one fight.

Elkagorasa said...

I ran WG for this achievement. Best part is when your side is defending, you can sit way back on the cannons and simply lob shots at the vehicles as they approach the fort. Got half my HKs that way. The rest was while inside a catapult up close and personal. Weeee.

Edgar said...

Another good BG to do the achievement on is Strand of the Ancients, though this may be more so because I am fully kitted out for PvP. I regularly get greater than 50 HKs whenever I do this BG, and at some times up to 100. Either stay close to the siege, or drive them. Most players are focused on burning htem down ASAP so you can sneak around and avoid fights if you like. I just finished mine this morning getting the pet, woohoo! Now here's hoping for the mount.

Darth Solo said...

@Vikt my Print Screen button is placed optimally on my keyboard. Very easy to hit without looking. Thanks for reading man!

@bobette yep but I don't take screenshots of every single achievement, just the ones on my main. Can't be bothered to install yet another addon.

@koalabear yeah it took me less than 5 minutes to get the achievement, in AV. I'm sure Wintergrasp is great but I'm just not a PvP person. I only PvP in FPS games.

@Edgar never been in Strand. Doubt I ever will, unless there's a really high incentive to do so.

Dirtbeard said...

Just a thought, I would be interested in why you aren't into PvP. Maybe an idea for a post?

I consider myself a pretty casual player, I never raid since I just don't really have the time, but I do enjoy PvPing fairly often. I haven't gotten into the arena yet but I like BGs simply because unlike raids I don't need to find a group or be on a certain time of the day, I can just que up while I do something else and go whenever it pops. For me it seems like PvP can be a great thing for a casual player to get in to. Not to mention all the achievements you are missing out on ;)

Keep up the great work!

Darth Solo said...

@Dirtbeard I've been saying this over and over in my posts: I don't PvP and I don't raid or even do 5-mans. In fact I seldom group and when I do it's for a group quest or a special holiday boss like Direbrew or Headless Horseman.

I don't have time to socialize in this game and I'm not even looking for that. Solo-ing in fact gives me a sense of achievement because almost everything that I have accomplished is through my own means.

PvP I've never really enjoyed in WoW because it's repetitive but mostly because I'm not skilled at it, nor do I wish to become. I very much like the RPG aspect of WoW so I play for the joy of loot drops from mobs and PvP unfortunately doesn't offer that. Yeah, you can grind a couple of weeks for honor and badges so you can buy better gear but it's simply not my cup of tea.

Myka said...

I did the achievement in WG. The true was my first time in WG, I did it only to get the achievement and... I enjoyed! And you can buy good gear with Honor. After this, tried AV to get the mount. I attempt to get the 50 AV mark of honor in two days, and now I am proud owner of a frostwolf howler! :)