Friday, September 4, 2009

Vanity Pet #70 - Chuck

They keep on comin' it seems. Recently, about 2 days ago but I didn't have time to log it, Chuck's Bucket dropped from the Shattrath daily fishing quest. This makes it my 3rd "bucket pet" and my 70th pet on my Hunter who's also my main.

Once again, if you haven't got these pets, now's the chance. 50% drop rate and a very good way to get 4 extra pets.

If you are interested to see the state of my collection, here it is:


Geforce said...

U got the one I need :o /jealous, I got muckbreath for my 3rd time yesterday -.-

Darth Solo said...

I would hate for that to happen. So far I've been lucky enough to get 3 out of 4 with no doubles.

Scout said...

Grats! Now if only they would bring that quest up more often on my servers!

On my main, we had the quest the first 4 days after the patch, and my main managed to snag the remaining 3 she needed. And we've only seen the quest once since then.

My level 71 Dwarf hunter on another server has seen the quest ONCE since the patch, she got Toothy.

And my new to being over 70 in the past few weeks Dwarf Paladin on a third server hasn't seen the quest at all. Oh, I managed to snag the Strand Crawler on her first Dalaran quest, but no baby crocs yet! Argh!

Darth Solo said...

@Scout what quest are you talking about? These pets drop from the Shattrath fishing dailies, NOT the Dalaran ones. And they can drop from any variation of the daily. In fact I just had my 2nd Chuck drop!

Scout said...

The Baby Crocs fishing quest in Shat-yeah, I've been doing that one every single time its up since they started on many many toons. And the Crocs only drop from the Baby Croc quest(and that's according to

The Baby Croc quest finally popped on my Pally's server yesterday and the day before and she now has Chuck and Muckbreath.

I have at least 5 characters with over 350 fishing, so yeah, I do a LOT of fishing and fishing dailies in both Shat and Dalaran.

Darth Solo said...

@Scout I stand corrected. If I had paid attention I wouldn't have wasted all this time doing the other quests. Oh boy... I could kick myself. Thanks for opening my eyes.