Sunday, September 13, 2009

Operation Engineering

A while back I was musing in my article LF Crafter that perhaps it is not a good idea to level a profession from scratch since you can easily find a crafter these days and the crafting tips have dropped considerably so it's not worth learning that new profession as a means of making profit.

Well, recently I've got this urge to learn Engineering on my Hunter main. Currently, my Hunter, being my main, has Mining and Herbalism. These 2 gathering skills made me a considerable amount of gold through the ages but all of a sudden I became attracted to the idea of a prestige profession and I started looking at Engineering.

To a solo Dwarf Hunter, Engineering seems to be the ideal profession. Not for making money, of course, but for the gadgets it can produce. I'm in dire need of a good head piece and the Truesight Ice Blinders are very nice. The Mote Extractor should also serve to replace one of my gathering skills successfully. I've always wanted a means to dispose of my stuff that's overflowing my bags while farming an instance and MOLL-E is what the doctor ordered.

Herbalism or Mining? Which of these should I drop for Engineering. The choice is obvious to me: Herbalism has to go. I will miss Lifeblood and the occasional Frost Lotus but hopefully Engineering will compensate with the cool gadgets and the Mote Extractor. Besides, Mining has an excellent synergy with Engineering so it's a keeper.

I found this great Engineering guide and based on it I plugged the mats required for 1-450 into an Excel spreadsheet, together with the prices on my server and to my surprise, the whole thing seems to cost less than 3000 gold, 2600 to be more precise. In my case, it's even cheaper, about 1800 due to the fact that I already have plenty of high-level bars and mats. On the other hand, I could kick myself for selling a ton of lower level mats in the past but I never thought I would learn Engineering.

Here's a screenshot of my cost estimates. Chances are that when I next talk about Engineering, I will already have it close to maximum level.


Celebrandil said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. Everytime I start a new alt, or decide to level a profession, and start looking at the required mats, I always go "oh my god I had all these a while ago, I even kept some of it for years and then finally sold them!".
It happens ALL the time. Bottom line: you should never get rid of anything, never sell anything that's white or green quality. Sooner or later you'll need it. And for some of the old school mats, the auction house prices are just ridiculous, at least on my server. ^^

Anonymous said...

Selling stuff is VITAL to make some gold and progress in your leveling. Should you keep every possible useful item... you would end up ready to level a profession but completely broke :). Plus, keep in mind that old-items that you sold months ago for good gold... can now be acquired via AH for ridiculous low prices. You did well selling them, actually.

Jarnow said...

The other thing is that if you used the AH diligently while you were collecting all that stuff, and you use it wisely while leveling the profession (and aren't in a HUGE hurry to powerlevel), you have probably earned more money from the stuff you sold than you will spend "buying it back."

I'm doing this right now -- leveling JC pretty quickly. And it's expensive. And I've had the same "oh man all that adamantite ore I sold way back when" reaction.

But while I'm leveling it as quick as I can, I don't need to be 450 NOW. So when the AH runs out of mats that are at or below their market value, I just stop for the day. I'm sure that when all is said and done I'll come out ahead of where I'd be if I had just stockpiled.

How the end result will compare for profitablility with me just having kept skinning, I don't know...

Anonymous said...

> How the end result will compare for
> profitablility with me just having kept
> skinning, I don't know...

Let's say skinning at level 80 is one of the most annoying things of the game. You end stockpiling Borean Leather like miners do with Saronite... and it's a pain sell all of them. At least miners have some variety when mining, some "surprise" effects, gems, rich nodes, titanium and more. Skinners what have... Arctic Fur with 0.0001% drop rate? Argh!

Dalt said...

I have Engineering on my Tauren Hunter its a great help: from making his own mammoth cutters, to the tinkets, goggles, and all the other convenience items like an AH in Dalaran.

Darth Solo said...

Well fellas, I was in a hurry to level Engineering after all. Between last night and tonight, I brought it to 447. Not 450 cause I don't need it at 450 yet. I power leveled it and bought a lot of stuff from the AH. It wasn't expensive at all, exactly like I predicted and I didn't even buy at the lowest possible prices.

But more on that in a future article.