Friday, August 21, 2009

Solo-ing Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog

It's probably bad timing to post anything today, what with Blizzcon and all, but I'm gonna risk it. The second instance in Coilfang Reservoir that I visited after The Slave Pens was The Underbog. This instance was very similar in difficulty to The Slave Pens so no surprises here. The whole thing seems longer though and there's a twist that you need to be aware of.

The big boss here is The Black Stalker which is basically a type of Strider creature. Before you get to him though, there's a small "hitch" that you might experience if you haven't been here before. After killing Ghaz'an which is a large hydra boss, I found myself lost and unable to locate the way forward. Finally it dawned on me. So here's the "big tip":

On the platform where you kill Ghaz'an, facing forward relative to the platform entrance, jump down in the water and step through the big crack in the wall. From there the path is linear. Shortly it will lead you to The Black Stalker.

This guy doesn't have a lot of HPs for a level 80 (Hunter in my case) but he does have a very annoying trick up his sleeve. When he got low on health, he grabbed me (while my bear was still tanking him) with a "magic tendril" and started waving me in the air and dropping me occasionally or smashing me against a wall. That's ok because I had enough health to mitigate the fall damage but you need to keep this in mind. As a ranged character it's cool because you can still fire from the air. So if you have any ranged abilities, make sure to use them.

One more tip before you get to the final boss. Just after you jump through the crack in the wall you'll hear a whisper from one of the druids that you need to find for the Lost in Action quest. You will find him just to your left after you jump through the crack, in a small break in the walls, between some shrubs. This bugger is stealthed so you need to pay attention or else you'll miss him like I did. His name is Earthbinder Rayge and you can read more about him on Wowhead's page. Unfortunately I neglected to take a screenshot of the location.

Oh, I almost forgot about the other druid, named Windcaller Claw. You will find this guy in Bear form as Claw, a bear belonging to a lesser boss named Swamplord Musel'ek. Kill the boss and then engage the Claw. Make sure to DPS very very slowly (or else 50 DKP minus!! lol) because when he's low on health he becomes friendly and after talking to him you can complete this part of the quest. I'm not exactly sure you can even kill him but it's better to be cautious.

So that's it for The Underbog. As far as loot is concerned, for The Slave Pens and The Underbog, I collected about 90 gold from cash drops, blue BoP items and vendor trash but I made more than 100 gold from disenchanting green BoE drops because I got a lot of those.

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