Monday, August 3, 2009

Say It Isn't So

MMO Champion (as well as other sites) is reporting today that patch 3.2 should be out soon. Of course, these are all rumors but apparently reliable ones. So I guess it's either tomorrow (Tuesday, August 4th) or next week. I highly doubt it'll be later than next week.

Here's the thing. I may sound selfish but as far as I'm concerned I wish they didn't release 3.2 so soon. What's it to me then? I did take a long(ish) break from WoW after all. The break has been good. I've finally managed to do a lot of other stuff but I still have plenty on my plate. In fact I don't anticipate returning to WoW sooner than September.

I miss WoW though. It is calling to me whenever I read about it on the various blogs I subscribe to. Patch 3.2 is even worse. All those goodies are giving me lots of ideas, like how to level my rogue, warlock and shaman, how to complete more Argent Tournament dailies, which dungeons to solo, which professions to improve, what new gear to work towards, what new specs to try out and many more.

That's why I would feel much better if patch 3.2 came in another month or so. I don't believe that will happen though. I'll be lucky if they release it next week instead of tomorrow. At least, I will have the satisfaction that the servers probably won't be stable for at least another week after that, during which at least a minor patch will be released. By the time I finally return, everything should settle down nicely.

So even if I'm a meanie, please don't hate on me too much. Your Real Lives will be over once 3.2 hits. Don't say I didn't warn you. Me, I'm off to start my background downloader. Like, ya know, just in case ;)


Nepenthe said...

Shush..I don’t want any delays, hehe.
I’m just so excited to get a new makeover when the patch hits :-D.. improved Elvis sideburns and a new ginormous bear butt, wahoo!!

Anonymous said...

Heh, I know it'll be more of time sink when the patch hits, but I can't wait to pull out my copter that I bought off the AH and finally experience flight!

Also, since Bloodshrike is exalted or almost exalted with all the horde cities, it'll be easy and cheap to rack up my mount count.

Joar said...

Well, it's confirmed at this point that the patch is dropping today! Can't wait to try out the new 5 man and the new battleground!

Safrienaer said...

If only I didn't play on the EU realms... I can't wait to put the new stuff to the test.

Anonymous said...

Real Lives? What is that? Oo

Seriously though, I can't wait until the patch hits, maybe now I'll play my druid a little bit more attention XD
Ya know, since he'll be a sexy cat XP

Darth Solo said...

Yeah yeah you lucky bastards :P
Nah, I'm quite happy about the patch actually. I've just installed it so I'm good to go.
What gets me down is the thought of needing to grind Champion Seals in the Argent Tournament for countless days in order to get my hands on the new goodies: the mounted squire, vanity pets and some heirloom armors.

Nepenthe said...

Just saw a video on mmo-champion of the mounted squire, how adorable.
Yeah, the argent Pony Bridle is the one thing I really want, but it’s gonna give me multiple boregasms to get the 150 champion seals. At the moment I have 30 something. Just thinking about having to kill yet another commander in “battle before the citadel” makes me weep. What an annoying quest.

Looking forward to exploring the new quests though…

Dalt said...

I feel the same way about the Argent Tournament. I had been taking a break from my Hunter main but now I will be back on him for the forseable doing the AT dallies and grinding the seals. I needed to finsih getting to exalted for the Argent Crusade too, so its probably for the best.

By the way Darth, the Children's Week quests are quite fun and the Curious Wolvar Pup mini-pet is my new favorite. I did them this morning and it was a blast.

Darth Solo said...

@Nepenthe I share your pain. Regarding the Commander, I always do that in a group. First, I group for Threat from Above and while I'm in the group I will ask if anyone wants to do the Commander. In 99% of cases there's at least 1 person who needs that. A 2-person group is waaaaaay better than doing it on your own, although if I have to, I will kill the Commander on my own though it will take longer. Just remember: an easy way of defeating him is by pulling him up the stairs.

@Dalt I think my strategy to get more Champion's Seals is to do the easy dailies on more than one character. This way, I can buy the vanity pets that I don't have with my alts and send them over to my main. And then my main (the Hunter) can concentrate on getting the squire.