Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quick Quest in Stranglethorn

This morning while I was brushing my teeth I suddenly remembered about this quest that I always make sure to complete whenever I'm leveling an alt through Stranglethorn. It's a quick and easy quest but often missed by players.

Here's a good map of Stranglethorn Vale that shows all the important areas:

The quest is called Message in a Bottle and it has 2 parts. To start the first part, keep searching for green bottles at the water edge along Wild Shore, the beach on the southern and south-eastern tip of Stranglethorn. Using a bottle will give you a gray note sometimes but your goal is to obtain a Carefully Folded Note which starts the next part of the quest. Make sure to look for these bottles when you're on another quest in the area, don't go to that beach specifically for this quest. This will save you some time.

To get to the next part, cross the water towards the south-east until you hit that large island called Jaguero Isle. There you will find a hot Tauren chick who hands you the next part of the quest, Message in a Bottle. For this, you just need to kill King Kong... erm... Mukla who's a big gorilla on the other side of the island.

Kill him, get your reward and that's it. Quick and easy XP. In the old days of WoW classic, this gorilla was elite and pretty hard to solo at that level. Now, there's no excuse for skipping this quest if you are in the area.


Celebrandil said...

Yep it was quite a tough quest in vanilla ^^. But Blizz turned it into a pushover when they nerfed 95% of the old group quests. Which makes me kind of sad because WoW was more of an adventure back then...

Did you know they made the warlock's 100% mount (Dreadsteed) available right from the trainer? You were originally forced to go through an excessive but exciting and well designed quest chain to get your epic mount, and now they are giving it to you for a few gold... the quests are still there but you no longer have to do them. :-(

Wonder when they turn Rhok'Delar into something similar. It was one of my greatest WoW moments when I finally killed the last of the four demons and picked up my epic staff and bow from the ancient trees in Felwood. I felt so proud as the epic hunter quest was most likely the hardest solo quest in the game. I still have all the quest items in my bank and will NEVER vendor or throw away anything.

I still have so many BoP quest items, equipment and other memorable stuff in my bank that I regularly get the "Bank is full" message. ;-D I

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm also one of those people who stores anything and everything. It doesn't help that I'm into collecting the old Warlock sets, so I have sets of PvP gear and random T3 helms sitting around!

Eventually I just expanded and bought a personal guild bank for my bank alt, which has 3 tabs used to store mats and anything not BoP from my other characters, and all of the tabs are already full, as is his bank, which is maxed out with 18 slot bags... It's amazing how much STUFF you can accumulate.

I fondly remember doing my Warlock quest for the mount - took me until level 64 to finish the chain (it was shortly after TBC came out that I hit 60) but it was great when I finally did. All those hours of asking people if they had the quest items so that I wouldn't have to buy them! It's sad that newer players won't experience these kinds of things; they may not even know about them, but I think they're brilliant - I also did the chain on my Paladin for his Charger even after the mounts were made available from the trainers.

Oh well, what can you do eh?

Darth Solo said...

Well, things change with time. TBH it doesn't make much sense anymore to force people to go through those long chains in order to get the special pally and lock mounts. It's very hard to get a group for that nowadays and even harder for solo players like me.

On the other hand, I do appreciate that they haven't removed the quests from the game and I hope they stay indefinitely. This way, people still have choices. Real heroes will go through the quest chain while wimps like my will just get the mount from the trainer.

You know what... the Rhok quest was indeed an epic one. I never got to partake in that. I might just try to do it now, for the sake of doing it. I'm sure I could easily solo those demons.

frogi said...

I want to run my DK through MC for the chance of Thunderfury or Sulfurass. Yes, ass.

Darth Solo said...

Once again, this is a problem for a solo player without any friends on a server: it's hard to get someone to help you form a raid group.

Melvyl said...

I didn't get my Paladin charger until 67 because I didn't have the Gold for it and actually wanted to complete the Charger quest but I realized it was pretty much impossible to find a group for it. Now it will be completely irrelevant with everyone getting the epic mount at 40. But such is life.

My Paladin has been wearing the Fine Cloth Shirt ever since completing the quest. I decided to do it on my DK the other day (much easier, for some reason). And I intend to do the same on all my Alliance alts as a sort of trademark.

Skaut said...

I have a Blood Elf paladin at 65 right now who is collecting the items in order to do the quest-JUST for that tabard! This pally duos with another pally played by my husband, I'm Prot and he is Holy. I figure that around the time we hit 70 we will be able to run the Strat part without any problems-that's the only really tough part.

And yeah, my druid still has all of the old Frostwolf gear that I got while grinding to exalted with them waaaaay back in the day! I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.

Darth Solo said...

2 70s should be able to do that chain with no problems.