Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Solo Hunter Gear

Let's say you're a weird-ass hermit like me and like to play on your own. Since you don't raid or PvP, you'll have a much smaller choice in gear compared to those that do. But hold on, why would you need the best gear at 80? Well, for one thing, there's a buttload of things to do at 80, even for a solo player and the better your gear is, the easier it is for you to solo all that stuff. On the other hand, good gear will help you level faster in the next expansion, from 80 to 90.

Just to be clear, I am gonna discuss some gear options you might have at 80 for your hunter, but strictly from the perspective of the solo player and more specifically, from my perspective. I'm also discussing gear for 80 only because as a rule I don't purchase anything other than greens while I level, except ranged weapons (usually blue) and the occasional bargain blue non-weapon. I suggest you do the same. There's no point in spending hundreds of gold in costly upgrades while leveling, just to have them replaced 3 levels later with a green.

As a solo player you will be able to get good quality gear (blue and purple) from 4 main sources:
  • BOE dungeon/raid drops from the AH
  • crafted BOE items or crafted BOP items provided you can craft them yourself
  • items from quests; blue items are usually from group quests
  • items sold by various factions based on reputation
The most powerful items are obviously BOEs that drop in raids, which you can find on the AH. Currently Ulduar items typically fetch thousands of gold a piece. As time goes by, their prices will drop to more affordable amounts. Of course, if you wait too long, a new raid (Arthas, for example) will be introduced, with even more powerful and expensive items. And then, the next expansion hits and all these epix will be useless once more. Well, not useless but will probably sell for very low prices.

So when's the right price to buy such an item? I'm having the same dilemma myself. For example I'm watching a very nice hunter belt that drops in Naxxramas called Torn Web Wrapping. It has some very sweet stats with the exact combination I'm looking for. It would be a nice upgrade to the blue belt I'm using. Unfortunately, this epic belt is selling for around 3000 gold on my server. I have enough gold to afford it easily but I am also willing to wait because I'm not playing my hunter very hard these days. So I figured I'll wait until it drops to 2000 gold. When will that happen? No idea.

Enough splitting of hairs though. Let me get down to the actual items themselves. What follows is a bunch of items that I have obtained strictly in a solo setting. Since they are relatively easy to acquire, I will offer them as suggestions for your own set of gear. Also, please note that I am sporting this gear as a Beast Master Hunter. The list is not complete because I still need to replace some stuff. Also, I'm sure some of you will find better items out there. I'm simply offering this list as a starting point. Here we go...

Ranged Weapon - Nesingwary 4000. Here's where some of you might have a problem. You might prefer a bow or a crossbow. Unfortunately there aren't any bows/crossbows that can be obtained easily at this level for a player who doesn't raid or PvP. So we are left with the Nesingwary which is just dandy for me. As a dwarf hunter, I've always wielded a gun. Even if I had the opportunity to equip a much better bow, I've always stuck to my gun. A dwarf with a bow seems just... wrong. So as far as I'm concerned, the Nesingwary is the only way to go. On top of that, it's cheap to get the mats and have it crafted. These days you can even find it in the AH for as low as 500 gold.
Ranged Weapon Enchant - Hearseeker Scope. For my max-level guns I always like to add a crit scope. As we level, out effective crit percentage continues to drop for the same crit rating so I find that in non-raid gear, my crit is a bit on the low side. Thus, I ignore the other types of scope because it's easier to get extra DPS or haste from other stats.

Melee Weapon - Silvery Sylvan Stave. This stave is what I'm sporting right now. It's probably one of the best and easiest to get epics in the game and it has some awesome stats. It is obtained from the Argent Tournament after you become Champion and costs a measly 25 Champion's Seals. If you still have a long way to go before you can get this stave, a very good alternative is the Icier Barbed Spear. This spear can be obtained as a reward from the Amphitheater of Anguish chain in Zul'Drak. Once you find a group (and it's easy to find a group for this chain) it is easy to beat all the bosses. As a bonus, you will make 100G from all the quest rewards.
Melee Weapon Enchant - Greater Savagery. This is my personal choice. 85 AP is nothing to sneeze at and it's a very cheap enchantment to get.

Head - Toothslice Helm. This helm is easily obtained from the Oracles in Sholazar Basin. Revered reputation is trivial to get. Personally I haven't found any other helm that's easier to get.
Head Enchant - Arcanum of Torment from Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation in Icecrown. Fortunately you only need to be Revered with them to get access to this item. It's easy to become Revered: just do all the quests in Icecrown.

Shoulders - Spaulders of Grounded Lightning. These are sold by the Kirin Tor faction in Dalaran. It's easy to be Honored with these guys at 80. If you're still not Honored when you hit 80, do some cooking and fishing dailies.
Shoulder Enchant - For Scribes, the one and only option is: Master's Inscription of the Axe. For non-Scribes, unfortunately you'll have to grind some reputation with the Sons of Hodir in Storm Peaks but it's not that hard to reach Exalted with them. You just have to finish all the quests in Storm Peaks (99% of them are solo-able) and then do a few dailies. More dailies open up as you gain reputation with them but I suggest you go the quick route if you have some money saved up and simply buy their love by turning in Relics of Ulduar. I simply bought a ton of those from the AH, whenever they dropped below 1G a piece. At Honored with these guys you can purchase Lesser Inscription of the Axe. I suggest you wait until you're exalted, for Greater Inscription of the Axe.

Back - I just bought Ice Striker's Cloak for 200 gold on the Auction House. It's a very decent price considering that Wowhead lists it at 500 gold average. UPDATE: OK, I was hasty... a day later (Saturday) this cloak dropped in price to 150 gold. Even though it's a doh! moment for me, the point I'm trying to make is that it's extremely cheap to get a good quality epic for this slot.
Back Enchant - Major Agility. It's a bit more costly than Superior Agility but in this case I think it's worth it. Instead of finding an enchanter try searching for the scroll on the AH. I bought one for only 75 gold which is significantly cheaper than the cost of the mats.

Chest - Razorstrike Breastplate. This is perhaps the easiest to get and cheapest option for a chestpiece that you can find starting with level 78. It has very nice stats and is created from Leatherworking. You can either supply the mats + small tip to a leatherworker or perhaps even better, watch for a cheaply priced one on the AH. Very frequently these will sell for less than the price of mats so you stand a high chance of getting a good bargain on it.
Chest Enchant - Super Stats (+8 to all stats). You could also go for the +10 to stats Powerful Stats enchant but it's not worth the premium IMO, unless you're a raider and you're applying it to a really high level chest piece.

Wrist - One option would be Eaglebane Bracers that can be cheaply bought from the AH. Their stats are OK - ish. I'm currently researching more expensive options. Some of these are:
Giantmaim Bracers created through Leatherworking and not very expensive to make/buy. Unfortunately they have Armor Penetration instead of Crit and (call me stupid but...) I hate that stat. Don't understand it and don't wanna use it.
Slime Stream Bands which drop in Naxx and have some sweet stats on them, plus a socket. Currently waiting for them to drop at or below 2000 gold.
Armguard of the Tower Archer which can be bought from the Auction House for more decent prices, since it's an item that can be purchased by players with extra Emblems of Valor from Dalaran.
Bracers of Smothering Inferno which drop in Ulduar and have the best stats of the bunch but are a bit on the expensive side.
Here's a nice comparison between these options. Bear in mind that I've only listed those that you can buy. You might be able to get some nice bracers from quests but I haven't found any so far. I still have Icecrown to quest through though.
Wrist Enchant - Striking is the best bang for the buck. Definitely go for this if you're on a limited budged. If money is of little concern, get Greater Assault. If you are a Leatherworker, your best and only option by far is Fur Lining - Attack Power.

Hand - My suggestion is to watch the AH for Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets that drop in Naxx and have some very sweet stats on them, including a red socket. I found these gloves for 350-ish gold, which I think is a very good price. I gemmed them with a Delicate Scarlet Ruby for +16 AGI. In retrospect I guess I should have used a Bright Scarlet Ruby. However, there are many options as far as gems are concerned and you should pick the ones that give you the stats that you need most.
Hand Enchant - There are several options here.
Greater Blasting - expensive and the tiny bit of crit is not worth it, IMO.
Crusher - gives some nice AP but again, I think it's too expensive to be worth it.
Major Agility - this is the one I opted for. The mats are very affordable and even though it gives a tiny bit less AP compared to Crusher, it will also get you some crit, armor and dodge.
Precision - If your Hit Rating is really suffering, get this one but for a non-raiding hunter, Hit Rating has a low priority to me. I've never needed to reach the hit cap in a solo setting. So what if I occasionally miss 1 or 2 shots? The highest level creatures I'm fighting are only level 80s so Hit is not very important to me.
Greater Assault - I'm tied between this and Major Agility but if you can't afford it, Greater Assault is a good alternative to Crusher.

Waist - Thanks to the Sons of Hodir, I replaced the green belt that I was wearing with Giant Ring Belt. You just need to be honored with these guys but if you're going for the shoulder enchants (and I suggest you do), this belt is trivial to get. I like that it has all the stats a solo hunter needs and in generous quantities.
Torn Web Wrapping is the belt that I'm watching for in the AH and waiting for it to drop to around 2000. This is a nice BOE belt that drops in Naxx and it should be everything you need until the next expansion.
Waist Enchant - We all know there are no belt enchants per se, but of course you can fit your belt with an Eternal Belt Buckle that allows you to stick a gem in there. I haven't got one myself yet perhaps because I'm waiting for a better belt but I would probably use a Bright Scarlet Ruby.

Legs - I'm curently (still) using Greaves of Sanctified Dissolution which is a reward from the quest Ursoc, the Bear God in Grizzly Hills. If you haven't done this quest yet and you're sporting lesser pants, I suggest you do it. This quest is the culmination to a very nice chain, filled with lore. Although the quest is considered a group quest, it can be soloed easily as a hunter because you enlist the help of a bear NPC that can act as several types of class and I usually pick a healer.
Giantmaim Legguards are a cheap epic option but I'm staying away from them thanks to that Armor Penetration stat.
Darkcore Leggings drop in Ulduar and currently seem to be the most powerful BOE legs that you can find. The price though is prohibitive.
In addition, there are probably a few other options obtained through questing or reputation vendors but I don't have enough experience to give any advice in that matter.
Leg Enchant - There are only 2-3 options worth considering here.
Nerubian Leg Reinforcements is the single best leg enchant you can have, provided you are a Leatherworker.
Icescale Leg Armor is the best choice if you're not a leatherworker and provided you find some really nice legs to stick it on.
Nerubian Leg Armor is the most common option and the one I use currently. It's cheap to buy or craft and definitely worth every penny.

Feet - Boots of the Terrestrial Guardian are the ones I'm using right now. They can be found really cheap in the AH so if you're still sporting greens, I'd suggest you look for these. The only other boots that I can find are from a Leatherworking recipe that drops in Ulduar and the mats alone should make them prohibitively expensive. They are: Boots of Living Scale.
Feet Enchant - I currently opted for Assault which gives 24 AP. That's not the best enchant but it's the cheapest. There are 3 other options worth considering:
Icewalker if you need a little bit of hit and crit rating. It's not a lot so I usually skip this enchant. Like I said earlier, I'm not really concerned about my hit rating since the highest mobs I'm fighting are only 80.
Superior Agility - I would skip this as a Beast Master Hunter. While AGI will give you a bit of AP and crit and dodge and armor, you'd be better off with the next one which is...
Greater Assault is the one I would get if I had lost of cash. Wait, I do have enough cash so I will probably get it at some point but I'm in no hurry since it only gives me an extra +8 AP compared to what I have right now.

Neck - Choker of the Betrayer is what I use for now but it's not the best thing out there, by far. It is relatively easy to get and you don't need a group to finish the long chain of quests from Zul'Drak which culminates in Betrayal. The only other viable alternative seems to be Titanium Impact Choker which can be crafted relatively cheaply but I haven't bothered with that one either.

Rings - Since I'm a bit crazy in the noggin' I'm wearing an Inscribed Band of the Kirin Tor and a Band of the Kirin Tor. Expensive you say? At a total over 15K gold, it's definitely not cheap. I thought that by getting these 2 I would have access to 2 different portals to Dalaran. Alas, the ring portals are on the same cooldown. Since I didn't find anything on the web regarding this, it was an expensive experiment but in the end the stats on the rings are very good. The only other ring that I would consider is Surge Needle Ring but I've never seen it on my AH.
Ring Enchant - You can only have a ring enchant if you're an enchanter but there's really only 1 enchant for you in this case: Assault. End of story.

Trinkets - Unfortunately there isn't much advice I can give you here. I'm wearing 2 fairly common trinkets obtained from quests: Medallion of Heroism and Automated Weapon Coater. I'm holding on to these primarily due to the crit. I'm considering replacing them with some of the following, especially the first 2 which are much cheaper options:
Darkmoon Card: Death is not too expensive to obtain, especially considering that I can craft my own Darkmoon cards with my scribe.
Oracle Talisman of Ablution also gives some nice crit and also restores 5% of maximum mana which is really nice if you have 2 of these equipped. Unfortunately I'm not exalted with these guys and I still have a ways to go until I will be.
Darkmoon Card: Greatness is the most expensive alternative and I'm not sure it's worth the premium. I'm gonna skip it for the time being.

This concludes my guide to solo hunter gear. Please remember that these are just my suggestions and most of it is gear that I'm currently wearing. I am very happy with my damage currently but I do intend to make small improvements to my gear going forward. I am sure that you will find gear that I have omitted here or that is better suited to you or your style of play. You will certainly find some cheaper alternatives but the bottom line is that everything I've listed here can be obtained without having to step in PvP or a single instance, dungeon or raid.

I really appreciate that Blizzard has provided enough and varied gear for people to enjoy World of Warcraft on their own and I can bear witness that the game begins at 80 for solo players also, not just for hardcore raiders or PvP-ers.

Also be sure to check my other articles in this series for Solo Hunters:
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Shawn said...

Great post. It does give me some hope as a solo player that I can find good or even epic quality items without having to go into any raids or instances. As much as I would like to, it just doesn't work out with my schedule. Very well thought out, and nicely explained.
What I'm curious about is when you say that you have about 34k gold lying around that you're balking at spending 3k for something in the AH? Sure, waiting for it to come down 1k is reasonable, but at any point do you just say "screw it, I'm gonna buy it now."? I know you paid a lot for the rings you're using, so that's one time where you didn't worry about it, so why don't you do that ALL the time?
Lastly, if English is not your first language, you have my compliments at your command of the written (English) word. Granted, coming from an American living in Australia, that's probably not much of a compliment!

TB said...

I wish someone would post something similar to this for druids. I have a low-level hunter but I still found this post interesting as the premise of having to either craft, grind rep, or purchase good gear from the AH is what I've adhered to for a long time. I belong to a smallish guild (never more than 10 or so online at any given time) but I typically can't commit blocks of uninterupted time to run a dungeon. I am of the mindset that if you're going to run a dungeon you should be able to sit through the entire thing and not go afk every 5 minutes.

Darth, I know you count pvp as a non-solo activity, but another group of gear you might consider is pvp gear (excluding arena since it takes more than one person to queue up). I have recently been running Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp whenever I can. I can always afk out (or prowl and go hide in the bushes in WG) if I have to leave the computer. There really is a lot of good gear, enchants and a even a mount available for participating in Wintergrasp and it doesn't take any real commitment to speak of.

Darth Solo said...

@Shawn, thanks man! I know that I seem like a scrooge with my money and it's true. Thing is, I'm taking a break from playing my Hunter, so I can finish leveling and gearing my Pally. So I figure, why pay 3K right now for gear that I don't need this moment when I can wait another 1-2 months and buy it when I'm actually gonna use it and cheaper to boot?

@TB unfortunately Druids are the only class that I haven't tried yet. I do plan to create one at some point and see how it plays. A Tauren Druid because I can't stand Night Elves lol.

PvP is indeed a good source for gear, or at least it used to be. I did some PvP in BC for shoulders and something else but it wasn't much fun and I was only doing it for the gear. In Wrath, I've never bothered. I'm simply not attracted to it anymore, not even for the gear. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, they've made it such that you also have to play Arena in order to get good gear and Arena is something that I definitely don't want to get into.

Dalt said...

Great article. I have been searching for and picking up items that are "Best in Slot" but soloable for my Tauren Hunter. Most are items on your list but there are a few others I wanted to suggest.

Grinding rep may be tedious but at lest its solo friendly. For shoulders I prefer the Spaulders of the Black Arrow which you can get at Revered with the Ebon Blade.

From the Argent Crusade at Exalted you can get the Polished Regimental Hauberk (chest) and Boots of the Neverending Path (Feet). The boots are only leather but have pretty nice stats on them.

Anyway, just a few suggestions for you list.

Darth Solo said...

@Dalt thanks man for the great tips.
I totally missed those items.
Well, in my defense, I haven't done Icecrown yet on my hunter and apparently I didn't do my research right 'cause I missed the shoulders.

As for the epic chest, I must be stupid or something. I'm almost Exalted with the Argent Crusade and I didn't even know there was a quartermaster. There I was, stupidly wondering what's the point of getting Argent Crusade rep :))

Ogelthorpe said...

This is how I play my spriest. (I actually have an 80 hunter but haven't done much with him post-cap, so maybe I'll look into this stuff.) Good to see other WoW-hermits out there. Proof that Blizz wasn't just wasting their time including the extra solo content in patch 3.1. Also, now that some of the Deadly Gladiator epics can be bought for honor, pvp, especially Wintergrasp has been a way to get some of those ilevel 213s without ever setting foot inside a raid or earning a single badge.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I feel like I could have written this blog post, I've gone through and made prtty much the same selections, though I've added a few badge items too. Can't solo everything. Just picked up DarkCore Leggings for 3000g, and got Slime Stream Bands for about the same amount.

Darth Solo said...

Thanks fellas!

@Ogelthorpe Blizz knows that there are many ways in which this game can be played so they provide for everybody. Which I really appreciate. If there hadn't been any solo content, I wouldn't even have joined.

@Anonymous I just bought my Torn Web Wrapping for under 2K. The Slime Stream Bands are somewhere around 2K as well on my server.

Zombie Butcher said...

WOW you sound like the same type of hunter I play.
Although I do get to do heroics with the guild and have ventured into Naxx a few times I just simply prefer the BM spec for soloing to be "viable" in the bigger raids. I have tried Survival and about threw my computer out the door from frustration. I will go dual spec at some point.

I May have to change some of my specs around a bit since I am 53/12/5 I like it for what I do and havent had a problem with threat on me at all.

Also take a look at the QM gear where you get the Account bound shoulders in Dalaran. There is a pretty sweet neck piece. ALthough this does mean a few heroic pugs but I am sure you have done a few of those.

Dalaila ShadowsongEU said...

Hi mate, great blog (I came from wiwinsider btw).

I would suggest another ring BOE that you can find on AH:

Signet of Edward the Odd
+49 agi
+54 sta
+58 AP
+29 Haster
Equip: random proc +125 haste for 13 sec on melee/ranged attacks.

Fionnaghuala said...

Melee weapon suggestion:
Whale-Stick Harpoon from being revered with the Kalu'ak,

Dalaila ShadowsongEU said...

Melee weapon suggestion #2:

2x [Fang of Truth] from Sons of Hodir (revered) that you need anyway (shoulders enchant). I would add 2x +26AGI on them. These fangs are great for the high HIT they will give you... nice for heroics.

Fang of Truth (dual)
+32 Agility
+29 Stamina
Equip: Improves hit rating by 33 (1.17% @ L78).
Equip: Increases attack power by 48.

Joe said...

zomg! Where'd all these people come from :p

Joe said...

I see! You've been given a linkage via from here

Think you might get some more traffic your way now :p

Darth Solo said...

Thanks for the great suggestions guys. Those are some more pieces of gear that I missed. It's fairly easy to reach Exalted with the Kalu'Ak and Sons of Hodir so people should definitely check out those rewards. Oh and I love it when I can buy an epic from a faction vendor for 100G :) Although on second thoughts, I still need to grind my butt off in order to get access to that epic.

Skaut said...

Fang of Truth is actually from honored with Wyrmrest-my rogue is sporting two of those and he's never done the Hodir quests(scribe).

Also agree with the Polearm from Kalu'ak, that is what my hunter has right now until he gets the Staff of Feral Furies(Horde version of the one from the tournament).

Grats on the big post!

Viggo said...

Brilliant post.

I know you don't like PvP, but I would like to suggest a few options that are easy to get from Wintergrasp marks. And as PvP goes, Wintergrasp is easy to do in PvE gear.

Titan Forged Chain helm of Triumph.

Titan Forged Chain armor of Triumph

Titan Forged Waistguard of Triumph

There are also various Deadly gear you can get by grinding honor, but if you do Wintergrasp, honor just piles up by itself.

Anonymous said...

Also for not that many (25?) wintergrasp marks, you can pick up some very nice epic trinkets that give 190AP, 95 crit, 95 hit, haste etc. They have no resilience, just nice stat buffs. They are unique, but you can (for instance) wear a crit and an AP one. Heck, get the whole set and use what you need.

Neil said...

Armor pen isn't a great stat, but it's not like you'll lose DPS by picking it up :P

If you were to pick up the Giantmaim Legguards, you would gain 39 Agility, 52 Intellect, 63 Stamina, 245 Armor, 20 Attack Power, and 59 Armor Penetration, at the cost of 36 Critical Strike Rating. You'll end up losing about 0.31% critical strike chance, but it seems like the gains dwarf that.

Of course, your character is your character and your decisions are your decisions :) I'm not going to try and tell you how to gear up your toon, just offering my $0.02 on a nice pair of epic legguards :)

Darth Solo said...

PvP is definitely an option. I did some PvP in BC but the thing is, I didn't give a damn about how the matches ended, as long as they ended quickly. Of course, I was just in for the marks and honor. I even got into a nice pre-made losing group once but unfortunately some people didn't get the idea of "losing". Anyway, these days I don't feel like PvP-ing at all so I stay away from it.

@Neil you are right, of course. I'll probably end up getting those legs but I'm still delaying until I can craft them on my leatherworker.

Anonymous said...

You may also want to consider the Runeblade of Demonstrable Power as an alternative to the Silvery Sylvan Stave. It only needs Revered with the Ebon Blade.
It has +63 Agility, +67 Crit and +33 Haste.


Anonymous said...

Oh and +168 Attack Power!

How did I forget that!


Darth Solo said...

There you are, that's a good alternative also. My personal problem is that I haven't done the Ebon Blade quests in Icecrown yet so I'm not very chummy with them.

Anonymous said...

A good blue option for the chest is Aviary Guardsman's Hauberk I think. Check out

Anonymous said...

Hey Darth,

From a newbie and fellow weird ass hermit, thanks so much for this!

I'd been searching all over the place for information relevant to the solo player and up until now had no luck.

Your blog is much appreciated and now bookmarked. :)

Darth Solo said...

Thanks dude! Make sure to read the comments. Some of the readers have added pieces of equipment that I have missed in my article.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darth,

Thanks a lot for this post, and I really enjoy reading your blog. It's great to get information focussed towards the solo player.

How about Belt of Tasseled Lanterns for the waist? Tell me what u think.

Darth Solo said...

Belt of Tasseled Lanterns is a very good option. I missed that unfortunately. You can find this belt cheap on the AH so I would definitely pick it up, especially since it has a gem slot.

Anonymous said...

Great article, thanks for all the thought and effort that went into it. I wouldn't shy away from Armor penetration as a BM hunter. Remember that Steady Shot and Auto Shot are still our primary damage dealers, but they are physical damage. Armor penetration is the only direct modifier of physical damage, so its probably something you should consider in your gearing. Don't gem for it, but you will see it on a lot of gear, and its a primary stat for BM hunters, much the way haste is for marksmen.

Darth Solo said...

I will probably need to get some Armor Penetration once I get my Giantmaim Legguards and perhaps lose a bit of crit in the process, although that will be compensated with the leg armor so in the end it will probably be a net gain.

Anonymous said...

A lower cost option for a ring is Ring of Scarlet Shadows.

Darth Solo said...

Well, there you are, for those on a limited budget, Ring of Shadows is definitely an option, especially if you find a jewelcrafter and supply your own mats + a tip.

Kzanol said...

Thanks for an excellent article. Being a solo-player, who hates PVP, I found this extremely useful and have used most of your suggestions.

One thing I would suggest for solo hunters: become Engineers. The Truesight Ice Blinders ([url][/url]) are an absolutely excelent Engineer-only item, which I am just now saving up for (the mats). You will also be able to make many more useful hunter gadgets (such as the Nitro Boosts - [url][/url]).

Darth Solo said...

@Kzanol hey nice to meet another fellow-solo-er-who-hates-PvP :)

Oh boy, I was considering Engineering but I really don't know if it is worth it. I mean the mats required for leveling it are huuuge. Those goggles are mighty sweet though and cheap to craft.

I don't know... I'll just keep my options open and wait to see what the next expansion will bring.

Safrienaer said...

Also if you have money to spare, I'd recommend Shawl of the Shattered Giant for a cloak. It's usually pretty pricy when it's available (2-5k on my server), but well worth it in my opinion. I never even thought of getting the Ice Striker's cloak, as I can't stand seeing my hunter wear a silly pink piece of cloak. :P

Darth Solo said...

Oh but I'm already wearing the pink cloak :) I'd never wear pink in real life but then again, I'm not a dwarf in real life either. I guess dwarves could be quirky like that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions. As an Enhancement Shaman I use virtually the same gear a hunter does. I am strictly solo and could use a couple of pieces you suggested.

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