Sunday, April 26, 2009

Noblegarden Egg Camping

Noblegarden is here and I jumped into it so I can get the new Rabbit pet, also to complete a few achievements and for a change of pace.

When searching for Brightly Colored Eggs there seem to be 2 major methods:
  1. Running around and hoping to spot an egg and get to it before someone else does
  2. Camping a spawn spot
Initially I was doing the first method. I scoffed at people who camped various bushes, nooks and crannies. Some of them even got offended if I grabbed "their" egg or attempted to camp "their" spot for a few minutes. Lighten up people! It's not like you bought that spot. There are times when such items are free-for-all.

Later, I noticed a particular spot where 2 eggs spawned at the same time. I decided to camp that spot because there was no one else there. Apparently it pays off to camp such a spot. The particular spot I camped is located in Dolanaar, Teldrassil, between two bushes and behind an NPC named Orenthil Whisperwind. Here's a screenshot of the location:

Each of the bushes flanking this NPC are egg spawns. In the end I became a camping-convert. The egg yield was a lot better than running around. Often I got 2 consecutive spawns and sometimes even 3!

So if you can find an un-camped spot with 2 spawns, you should be golden. Another tip is to go egg hunting in one of the more "secluded" villages like Dolanaar or Azure Watch.


Zalenna said...

i found a spot not to far from there that had 5 eggs pop ,
3 hidden in the bushes , and 2 at the corner of separate entrances . If you angle yourself right in a good spot , you can hit all five , and i did that today. It was slow , so i had the spot all to myself . Last night tho had 2 other people there , and it seems we were taken eggs right from underneath each other ...

But no one said anything .

Darth Solo said...

Aw shucks too bad I didn't find that one.

Anonymous said...

Eh to me camping is noobish and shouldn't be allowed... for instance I wish they would put a timer so you wouldn't be allowed to pick up eggs if you stayed in the a small area around where an egg spawns for an x amount of time say like 3 or 4 spawns costs you an hour of not being able to pick up eggs

Darth Solo said...

That would be complicated to implement I think. Camping is a valid technique. I would camp until bored and then I would run circuits. Still, if you can find a quick spawning location with 3-4 eggs, it makes more sense to camp them. It was a bit frustrating at times but also fun.