Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Those Damn Mounts

One of those small big things (for me at least) is finally being "fixed" in the upcoming patch 3.1 of WoW. I'm talking, of course, about ground mounts being able to swim in water without dismounting you. For me personally this is a really big deal. I was tired of being dismounted every time I crossed one of those stupid little streams, say, in Un'Goro. I hated hated hated hated hated hated hated that. Did I say hated? Not even IRL do horses throw you off if they have to cross a pathetic little stream.

So why is this so important? Well, for one thing you don't have to spend a few seconds recasting your mount every time you're thrown off. I'm all about efficiency and this is definitely not efficient. For another, if you happen to have a bunch of mobs hot on your tracks, if you get dismounted you might get screwed, all thanks to a minor game mechanic that shouldn't even be there.

All I can do now is bow to our Blizzard overlords and hope they come up with more of these common-sense changes.

Uh, if it's not too much to ask for, Bliz, how about allowing shamans to cast Water Walking and Water Breathing while mounted, without being dismounted. Not only are these two abilities instant but they aren't combat buffs either. Hell, Death Knights can cast Path of Frost while mounted and the end effect is the same. /end rant

P.S. Amongst the new mounts added by 3.1 there's also mention of an "Aquatic Riding Ray" whose description apparently reads "Summons and dismisses an Aquatic Riding Ray. This is an aquatic mount." Whoa! How awesome can this be? Are my prayers finally answered? Are we finally getting the first water mount? Hopefully it rides underwater at 100% speed. Some people are already speculating that this mount heralds the next expansion which might just have something to do with the Maelstrom. Well, one can only hope.

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