Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hearthstone Cooldown Lowered to 30 Minutes in 3.1??

Another WTF moment today. In the good sense... I hope. Though it's hard to judge the implications of this. I'm not even sure if I should believe this turn of events.

Anyways, long story short, after long QQ-ing from people complaining about Ghetto Hearthing being "fixed" i.e. removed from the game, and a 25+ page thread in the official World of Warcraft forums discussing this, it seems like Blizzard poster Eyonix has caved in to people's requests and accepted to lower hearthstone cooldowns from 60 minutes to 30.

I find this hard to believe due to a lot of things:

- The dismissive manner in which he said it: "Meh, whatever, we'll just lower the cooldown to 30 minutes".
- The fact that no one expected this. I had certainly never thought that Bliz would do something like this. The 60 minute cooldown was taken for what it is and I never entertained the faintest hope (or desire) to have it lowered.
- In the end 60 minutes are not a big deal. At least not for a solo, casual player like myself. I always plan my adventures around the hearthstone and I never find myself wishing for a faster cooldown. Of course, Astral Recall on my shaman is very sweet at 15 minutes and if you want to go really crazy you can even glyph that to go down to 7.5 minutes which is absolutely INSANE IMO. As a shaman, I obviously enjoy this perk and plan my outings accordingly.

Now I understand that hardcore players may have an issue with the "long" 1 hour cooldown but again, I would never have thought that Bliz would bend to people's demands in regard to this.

While still skeptical about this change, wonders never cease to amaze in WoW :)

UPDATE: WoWInsider is now reporting on this as well so I guess it really must be true!

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